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Can the Immigration Department of our country put into effect a data base of all immigrants working legally in this country. This would help potential employers to check whether foreigners who approach them for employment are legal.

I think this action is long over due.

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MELBOURNE, July 9 (Bernama) — Malaysians who migrated to Australia along with millions of others from other countries will be able to find their records in an online catalogue launched in Canberra Wednesday.

The “Making Australia Home” project was launched along with special citizenship ceremonies in Canberra and Brisbane, arranged to mark Australia’s Constitution Day.

The National Archives has already digitised 74,000 items, providing online access to the details of many of the more than seven million people who have resettled in Australia since the formation of Federation 1901.

The records contain details such as the name of the person who migrated, when they migrated and their place of birth, including those who resettled under assisted passage arrangements and post-war displaced person schemes.
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  1. Of course the MOHA and the Immigration dept can and could do the data base and data mining. It is just that they do not want to because of excuses masqareding as reasons and rationale or policy.We need a full time migrant watch on the net.Somebody start one please.Good luck Malaysia.

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