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This Bung fellow cannot be considered a normal human being, he perceives too much, and one day he is going to show his bottom and then argue your perception is wrong, I only showed part of my anatomy.

He is a habitual gutter politician, remember the bocor incident, the F word and the cursing of Karpal Singh. Did the people perceive him as an ordinary human being and not a conceited parliamentarian who things the world owes him a living. With this type of crude, low down mentality, he can’t even sell pisang goreng as he will annoy his customers.

Most politicians are liars, but this man has the dubious character of lying to himself, knowingly and not worry about it. He is at best, left alone to stew in his own juice of lies and filth.

He definitely does not deserve to sit in the august house, as he is bringing the reputation of Parliament to a very low level. Badawi should caution him.



  1. With the strong messages from some BN component parties over the Federal Govt’s treatment for the last few months, I don’t think Badawi will dare to ‘offend’ them by cautioning Bung Mokhtar lest they will revolt in numbers.

  2. No I think Badawi should sack him. We are sick of this kind of politicians.

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