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Malaysiakini reported the whereabouts of private investigator P.Balasubramaniam, was not known, quoting Federal CID director Mohd Bakri Zinin. He did say they could be overseas. Interpol had been contacted we are told.

Now the good news, Bernama reports, the same CID chief, confirms that the whereabouts, of Bala had been ascertained, and a team of Police Officers had been dispatched to record his statement. Phew, so nothing happened to Bala, he is around.

But what irks me is Syed Hamid our Home Minister, who is so unsure of the location of Bala. He is so happy that if there is no news then it is good news, and as long as he did not receive adverse news about him then he is safe.

This coming from our Home Minister. Bala is somewhere overseas, and he would have gone through immigration, unless of course he trekked through the porous jungle and went illegally overseas. Then immigration would not have a report. Now that the latest is known, I am sure Hamid can tell us, he left legally or illegally. Come Hamid you are the Home Minister.


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  1. Once Bolehland…now Bodohland!

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