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Another family was in tears, not just for the person who died, but being unable to perform the Hindu burial rights on a dear beloved – the last and final expression of love to a kin born in the family.

I am referring to Elangeswaran Benedict, who was a Hindu but buried as a Muslim. He died by committing suicide.

The fact that he committed suicide, did not deter his family from going to court to confirm that the family did not know anything of the conversion to Islam, His step brother S.Selvam, aged 48, tried his best getting lawyer Karpal Singh to defend the case but failed eventually to stop the religious department in having their way.

Elangeswaran was married with a wife and two children aged 6 and 3. He was a practicing Hindu, and there were no documents to prove he had converted.

His half brother left it to the Penang High Court to decide, but because the Parit Buntar Syariah Court ruled that Elangeswaran was a Musim, the High Court judge, commenting the High Court had no jurisdiction to decide over an earlier Syariah court ruling, allowed the Muslim religious authorities to claim the body. Basically this means that when the case is pending in the High Court, the Syariah court made a decision.

It is no point getting annoyed about the split milk. Something must be done to ensure the milk does not spill any more.

Prime Minister Badawi had suggested that Muslim convert’s family should be made aware of the change in religion. There was a lot of hue and cry from the Muslim authorities over this, and that was the last news on this delicate issue on conversion.

Can Badawi be requested to look into this again  and ensure some fairness to families of members who convert.



  1. Its the same old story…..You think badawi cares???? No chance

  2. Challenge to muslim bloggers!!!

    Looks like the muslim courts are above any court. So where is the proof that he is a muslim? Shouldn’t the family be hown the proof? Aren’t the family humans with rights? How does the Islamic court be so inhumane and insensitive?
    I see all the muslim bloggers ganging up if anything negative said about Islam that they find offensive, and when these kind of misdeeds are carried out some of the whisper saying this is not Islam all about…Islam is great.Ya Gud. I now. Now I challenge where are the voices gone? What happened to the ruling the PM made? Tell me is this how ur courts function? I am sure they is a process transparent obviously, that the family has the right to know……Don’t bring bad image for your religion. Stand up when some don’t follow certain rules or procedures.Just because it suits you and you win the case all of u keep quiete? One should have priciples and guts to fight for a course….if not next time don’t scream when situation does not suit you….

    P.S I am made to believe that Elangeswaran commted suicide thus does n fit to be abrried in amuslim cemetary. Is this true?Then what happenes to his body?

  3. This is going on over and over again. But nobody seems to be doing anythind about it. The PM came out with a procedure for the “converts to be” to inform the families prior to conversion. But has anybody initiated the procedure and ensure enforcement of the said procedure or is just another “statement of the moment” by the government to please the public?

  4. It’s really sad to see bereaved family meembers having to go thru this at this point in time. The religious authorities have no mercy at all. In my opinion it is some form of satisfaction for the authorities winning over the other.I for one personally respect the Islam (i.e. the religion) but sad to say not the authorities.God will not forgive you people.


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