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Malaysiakini reports “The soaring prices of food and fuel could spark widespread political unrest, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said at a summit of developing nations in Kuala Lumpur.”

This is not just rhetoric but a fact. Our Prime Minister, made this statement for the edification of the members at the summit, but here in Malaysia this is a fact – proof the rally on Sunday July 6.

I hate going to the market nowadays, every item is expensive and when I pay more than compared to pre-fuel price hikes, I grumble. This is my experience when I went marketing this Monday, to the wet market in Sri Muda Shah Alam.

Earlier I had grumbled with my wife on the exorbitant prices I have to pay for fish, and I was curtly told, buy, but buy less, the children have got to eat. Another round of disagreement, why fish, why not something else and why not just eat vegetables; happy that the Government has helped in the increase of prices, which gives me a way to reduce weight, but never practiced over the years as fish and meat must be on the dinner table, to call the meal as satisfactory.

But here again, thinking the children must be fed a balanced diet I went.

The lady who sells me fish is a kind soul, to the extend I feel she is the one doing the marketing for my family and not I. I just pay.

The conversation went something like this “aiyah, the bawal is not fresh, but tengiri is okey, but it costs RM19 per kilo”. What, I replied, it used to be under RM16, and the cute reply yes aiyah, it costs me RM18. Okey then I said, give me 1 1/2 kilo, normally I buy 2 kilos.

Three other customers came by, two walked past it was expensive, the other who had no choice bought a kilo of the same fish, and to supplement his purchase bought 2 kilos of kerang or cockles, which were selling for RM2, I can swear they cost RM1.50 earlier.

How long can this go on. Badawi is in the right direction.

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  1. Sir –

    Thank you for your great comments. May I say that it is perfectly possible to have a balanced diet without eating any meat or fish. There is a wealth of evidence to back this up and I suggest checking out the Vegetarian website as a first port of call ( Also, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that vegetarians are actually healthier than omnivores. In the UK, you can get cheaper life insurance if you are a vegetarian!

    As you probably know the consumption of meat in particular is responsible for many of the world’s problems. The growth of the developing world (particularly India and China) and the increased desire of their populations to consume meat is partially to blame for the sharp rise in food prices. 1 Kilo of beef requires about 7 Kilos of grain to produce it. This is pricing out poorer people from purchasing that same grain to consume themselves. Furthermore, livestock (particularly cows) produce more greenhouse gas than all of the transport in the world combined. Have a look at ( I must say that disagree with his conclusions but the article is very interesting nonetheless.

    Therefore, if you reduce your consumption of meat, you will helping to:

    reduce global warming
    reduce global food prices and thus helping poorer nations
    reduce cruelty to animals
    improve you and your family’s health

    you don’t have to go the whole way and cut out meat and fish altogether…but how about having one day a week with no meat or fish? Suggest it to your missus…


  2. as a matter of fact, it has already being proven medically that taking fresh fruits and vegetables as part of our daily diet is good for our health. In the management of many diseases, doctors have advocate the consumption of more fresh vegetables and to abstain from eating too much meat.

    For those interested to know more about the benefits of taking vegetables and fruits, pls visit my web-site at

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