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Malaysiakini in its column today relates to  an article by blood-suckers, headed ‘Bloggers disintegrating and for what’.

He is of course referring to some bloggers going on strike. The nomenclature is wrong of course. As is understood a strike is when a group of employees stay away from work to protest anything they are displeased with as far as their work and work environment  is concerned.

Bloggers don’t work, they do not have date line to post, for weeks there can be no posting, and may only post when there is a desire. For some it is a hobby, others may call it habit or addiction, and for most of the others it is to say something they intend to and their blog is the outlet. Some want results like changing the government, and the last GE12 is living proof bloggers have influence how the people or voters think. The end result is, by blogging you are informing your readers, the ones who make blogging a worthwhile concept. If it is a web site just for regular entries, I might as well maintain a daily diary.

There are 3 bloggers who have expressed dissatisfaction, and claim they do not want to blog.

Rocky Bru says:
I do solemnly and sincerely join Marina and my blogging bros in declaring meluat (utter disgust) at politicians and their machais who are taking Malaysian politics and Malaysians down into the pits of shame in the name of their own glory.

Earlier Marina Mahathir, declared:

I don’t know about you guys but I really can’t keep up anymore with what’s happening. With all these endless statutory declarations, police report after police report, statements hither and thither, I can’t get any of it straight anymore. Who did what to whom? Who has been plotting to do what to whom? Who hates who, who loves who? Sorry, I don’t know anymore. I’d rather watch CSI frankly (or rather, right now, Wimbledon, which has just as much drama. Go Zheng Jie! )

Wong Chun Wai feels:

Malaysians have said it. We have had enough. We are sinply fed up. For the next 24 hours, bloggers are still on strike. There will be no sodomy, no anal sex, no power grab, no clinging on to power, no lies, no statutory declaration, no P. Balasubramaniam, no Anwar Ibrahim, no Najib Tun Razak, no Saiful and nothing to do so with the issue. Let’s do something useful with our family and loved ones. At least, for another 24 hours, let’s get away from this madness of Malaysian politics.

As I read their comments, I am surprised that they should want to temporarily stop blogging. Is there any magic by which bloggers can filter out news and only read what is 100% correct. The MSM feeds us garbage most of the time, we rebel, we fight, and most of the time with information gleamed from Malaysiakini and other online papers, we put up a defence, come on readers we say, this is what really happened. Some of the comments are based on past experiences, we read between lines, we dissect every piece of information and in our posting finally conclude that this is what could have really happened.

As I said earlier, bloggers fill a void, that the MSM does not provide. Yes, sometimes, bloggers too make mistakes, in referring to past events, some important facts escape our attention. But, safely, I can vouch no blogger intentionally wants to mislead the reading public. Bloggers play an important part to ridicule our MSM when they go wrong, and believe me if our papers report the truth, bloggers can just close shop, there will be nothing much to comment upon. Then we can permanently stop blogging.

Blood-sucker in his blog even refers to moles in our midst. I am happy that they are there, if this is real. Their postings eventually would reveal their identity. Nothing to worry about.

In ending let me cut and paste the observation of  MARGEEMAR:

THE SCRIBE IS NOT ON STRIKE! I am appalled with certain Bloggers who say they are going on strike. Why? Supposedly they are fed up with the Najib-Altantuya and Anwar-Saiful saga. I can understand ass wipers like Wong Chun Wai and Marina Mahathir but what surprised me most was certain prominent Bloggers who I thought were going to fight the good fight till the tyrannical regime of BN/Umno is defeated and cast into the abyss.

I’m together with the likes of Sloone, RPK, Haris Ibrahim Nathaniel Tan etc in fighting this evil in Blogosphere until this Evil entity called Barisan Nasional is cast into eternal damnation. Truth must prevail over falsehood. Even now, we hear how the BN/Umno evil regime is using God’s Holy Name to cover their evil deeds and claim innocence while cursing those who are standing up and speaking the Truth.

The BN/Umno regime certainly wants to break the will of the Bloggers by getting Bloggers to be at odds with each other. I appeal to everyone to boycott those Bloggers who are behind this stupid strike. They are as Sloone put it, nothing but hypocrites. We must strive to ensure that no one gets away from the crimes they have committed. We are not going to forget anything. We’ll keep the fire burning! We want Pakatan Rakyat to reveal the crimes the BN/Umno regime had committed in the states they used to rule. The Truth must prevail. No more cover ups.

I agree.



  1. Dear all blogers.
    Why u all feed-up.This the place u write and report what’s going in Malaysia, be it politic or others.

    We like to surf & communicate with u and others on specific topic…i.e: Political scene in Malaysia as compare to other countries.Other sujects all so boring..same as in MSM.

    Or are u all being fed enough to stop blogging??? heh heh heh..

  2. As usual Malaysian choose current stability over long term stability and success. The biggest contributor to the chaos is the MSM (yes Star, NST, UM and BH). You ask why…. These media doesn’t push the BN politicians hard enough when they are not doing their job. They didn’t push them hard enough when controvesial arise and take partisan stance. When the PM choose politicians with checkered past they didn’t do much or try to questions why he did what he did. Another word toothless MSM DOGS that only bark after the robbers has left the house.

    Next if the government doesn’t change now it will never change. EVery politicians high and low has each other in the throat and they will never expose each other. So, do you expect them to expose and come up with ways to check corruption or improve Police-BN or improve the judicial system.

  3. Who cares really, if they chose not to blog it is their choice. No one is indispensable…Life goes on and we will continue with our happy blogging!

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