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It is shocking but Samy Vellu was never an intelligent President for the 29 or 30 years he helmed MIC. He was just a gutter politician, holding on by threats, and under hand maverick practices, and the so called 630,000 MIC members tolerated him.

But now just after 121 days after the election day defeat, he is destructing himself like some old building left out there uncared for and slowly it disintegrates. What better reason is there for him to blame SA Vigneswaran, for not helping the youths. Both were as close as thieves, running MIC as a family unit, Was not Sam not intelligent enough to know that Vigneswaran was not helping the youth from 2002. Was he blinded by the  love for him, or was Samy worried that his support in MIC was such that he would be an M.N.Nambiar(a Kollywood villain) if ever he had to have a duel with swords with MGR(another Kollywood hero).

So, such trash coming out from you, it is just garbage and nothing more.

Samy blames Vigneswaran for not helping Indian youths

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu today took to task the party’s former youth chief S.A. Vigneswaran whom he described as having failed in his duty to help the Indian youth.
Samy Vellu said Vigneswaran was only good at chairing meetings either at state or national level but failed to come up with clear programmes to develop the Indian youth.

“Vigneswaran should have focused his attention on problems faced by Indian youth apart from resolving problems within the MIC Youth movement,” he told reporters after opening the MIC Wanita, Youth, Puteri and Putera wings’ annual general assemblies here today.

Vigneswaran quit the party on June 29, claiming he had lost confidence in Samy Vellu’s leadership.

The one-time Samy Vellu’s “blue-eyed boy” was also reportedly disappointed with the MIC president’s directive that he relinquish the MIC Youth chief’s post for having passed the age limit of 41.
He indicated however that he would rejoin the party if the MIC president stepped down.

On the MIC Youth Brigade formed by Vigneswaran, Samy Vellu said the movement would continue to exist but with a name change because the present one had been “tarnished by irresponsible people.”

“We will appoint people who can serve the community and not one who is only good at fighting in the party.

“We don’t want people who only know how to fight. We want those who have sympathy for the community, to work for the community,” he said.

Samy Vellu also said the MIC had appointed nine new state youth chiefs to take over the posts of those who had either passed the age limit or had resigned.


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