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As I write this at 7.50 PM, the people at Kelana Jaya statium, numbering about 10,000 are gathered to protest the high cost of things and fuel. It is organised by the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes). A carnival atmosphere exists in the stadium and the Police have not hitherto interfered to stop the people. This is a good sign, after all if the people suffer, what is the readdress, as earlier protests have gone unheeded. The only way to ease the frustration, is to gather to show the Government that they are at breaking point and need relief. The Government is aware of the anger of the people but their reaction has been patchy, nothing that would point at a definite solution.

Cheers and chants of ‘reformasi’, ‘makkal sakti’ and ‘hidup rakyat’, reverberated throughout the stadium, as speakers like Ronnie Liu, twisted the work sodomy, to clarify that the BN government had sodomised the people for 50 years. He questioned the rationale behind the price increase of fuel in one go to 70 sen. The government is not stupid he said but they are not smart enough to manage the nation and economy.

Irene Fernandez, another speaker, related her experience of mothers selling their bodies, to support their children in the wake of spiralling prices. She thinks the Government is afraid of the people,

Tamil placards, by Hindraf children, read ‘Where is the Petronas profit’, ’don’t raise oil prices’ and ‘stop this fuel price increase’.

Other speakers like Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Pakatan Rakyat leaders are expected to address the crowd in the latter part of the evening.

Do not rub your hand in glee that the people have been given permission to hold peaceful rallies, without Police interference, batons and chemical water. Bernama has a report which talks of opposition parties and extremist organisations, It says anti-government slogans were uttered.

As usual the Government is concerned about the people in the vicinity of the stadium at Shah Alam, they have, as reported locked themselves up in their houses, for fear of safety, and presence of unidentified people in the area. Police have also telephone complaints.

Another clear attempt, by the government, to quote Ronnie Liu, to sodomise the people, apparently the people around the area have not been affected by the price increase.

Police also said they are looking out for seditious speeches, to clamp them with the Sedition Act.

So anything can happen until mid-night. Let’s hope nothing happens.



  1. I was there in the morning and I had enjoyed myself very much mingling with those wearing red.
    I wore my red Protes t-shirt and I have never felt so proud to be a part of the crowd. At night, I wore my Mansuhkan ISA collar shirt (because it is Sunday) and I stood up like a sore thumb. I was in a limelight because everyone flashed an acceptance smile on their faces when they saw me. I am an elderly man and a Malaysian just like my Malay and Indian brothers.
    So let me ask Bernama. Am I an extremist?

  2. Hi gooeyglobs,

    You are definitely a citizen. Bernama should educate their reporters and editors, as to what is extreme and being an extremist. Poor chaps their vocabulary requires some polishing. How sad!

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