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Having read Malaysiakini about our King Blogger’s interrogation by the Police which ended about an hour ago, two important things come out clearly.

One was whether Raja Petra had given permission to Malaysiakini and a blog site to publish his Statutory Declaration. Phew. Good work Police.

Second, the Police wanted to know, who the source was to the SD made by Raja Petra, to which, the reply was, it would be made known during the trial, if there is one I guess.

Fantastic if I may claim, the Police are at their toes, we have nothing to fear.

By the way, bloggers can quote me as their will, this is to reciprocate their kindness when I quote them.

Happy blogging.


One Comment

  1. LOKS LIKE OUR CATOONS IN BLUE ARE RUNNING AROUND CHASING THEIR TAILS AROUND A COCONUT TREE, how dumb can you get, who is your informer? why the kid gloves, is somebody sweating like a pig or a female pig, only god knows.

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