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MIC leader Dr S Subramaniam has problems with his grammar. When he said, the series of measures unveiled by the government, signifies the Indian community had never been marginalised. I guess he wanted to say, the community won’t be marginalised henceforth, but referring to the past, reminds me of a friend having difficulty with past and present tense.

He is excited that the following had been promised by the Government:

  • Najib Razak announcing help in the fields of education, business and civil service
  • This announcement is looked at as if God send, and Najib Razak asserted the Indians had never been marginalised
  • Among others, Subramaniam feels, the government will, convert 372 partially aided schools to fully assisted schools, consolidate schools with lesser enrolment of 50 students, Aimst to be recatergorised, Indian contractors to vie for Government contracts, state owned companies helping Indians, easier loans, setting up unit trust, etc etc.
  • He also adds, Bumiputeras won’t be affected by Indians getting Government contracts.

Our good Doctor must be reading a bit of fairy tales. However, not to derail him or break his enthusiasm, he has promised a monitoring system, and Indians will wait with glee his monthly or quarterly report. Please publish these reports.

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  1. Ya David he delibeartely wronged the grammer! He picked those words from Hidraf u see….not his own idea.

    Lets first see if he promises are met.Its nice on the paper. Anyone can put it down. Every politician promses the moon during election.
    Where is the action plan /strategy? Then
    – will MIC say they are no takers (Like MAIKA shares) and only their conies benefit ..if at all …all the promises are kept by UMNO putras. Good luck MIC .

  2. He is talking tamil man!

  3. Wasnt that the same sentence uttered by Samy Velu long time ago? hehehe

  4. I read the report. I did not understand what Dr subramaniam was saying. I read it again; I didn’t understand. Again, again, again and again. Nope, I didn’t understand.

    Now I understand that he is an expert in saying something and yet saying nothing.

  5. High time to rename the MIC to Malaysian Idiots Congress not knowing the past tense to present tense. Dey ! shamed vellu your sucess was only in feeding cake into the devils mouth and you brought shame to the whole indian community go and study your strategy anyway toooooo late dah so continue your day dreamings…….

  6. The second richest man in malaysia is an Indian. The problem is Indian usually do not help themselve even when they are rich, they just know to beg from government.

  7. Ya, Aarvidi, he also mean that BN is going to fufill all the promises and don’t worry indians, we are going to be well look after henceforth.

    Wait a minute As long as “Bumiputeras won’t be affected by Indians getting Government contracts”. Any one contracts given out to indians is one less to Bumiputras. Is my Arithmetic correct?. Subra, please go to school to learn how to add and subtract.. It is definitely going to affected. So no contracts for indians.

    Najib is right, indian have never been marginalised. Contracts are never meant to be given to Indians. Therefore they should not feel marginalised at all. The handful that were given out are for MICs so that the seleted few people in MIC should enjoy it. Marginalised is never an issue.

    However, from the newspapers I notice (correct me if I am wrong) that alot of indians complained that many of their type pass away in jail, some of them are robbers must be shot and killed, some of them being murdered god knows why, some of them committed suicide and very lately some went missing……… I must ask Subra what is happening? I am sure we don’t call it marginalised, should we call it Obliteralised? Yes because those are the bad ones. Many of them are related to tamil tigers. Need to be obliterated. Don’t worry if you are the good ones in MIC, BN will definitely look after you.

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