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This cliché is well known for people not being bothered about anything, while something bad happens. So, there was this great King singing away and enjoying himself not at all bothered his capital city burned.

We have our own Nero in our midst, our Prime Minister, Badawi, who unwittingly thinks everything is fine with Malaysia. He is not singing or playing an instrument, but maintains silence while the Bala SD 2 is making the rounds. Bala SD 2 is the second declaration made by our P.Balasubramaniam, an ex cop and private investigator for Baginda involved in the murder of the Mongolian beauty Altantuya.

Making Statutory Statement is getting common nowadays. Even Husin Lemboyang has a SD in, read it and have a good laugh. I wish I could write a parody like him, but mine comes out so flat.

Two heavy weights in the form of Najib and Anwar are entangled in a war, each wanting to out-beat the other in a political game. The people are the innocent by-standers, not only watching an annoying battle but concerned it does not auger well for the country.

The Police chief  and the Attorney General are suspect we are told, and who could possibly make amends in the situation. Aladdin and his genie cannot be summoned for help.

Our leader or the Prime Minister is often referred to as a flip flop person, one thing now, another thing later, a person who delays action, forever late, and most of all indecisive.

Is it not now that he can show some leadership qualities. The DPM, IGP, and AG must be immediately suspended from their duties, while a proper investigation is made to clear them of the allegations.

Failing that, he is another Nero, fiddling away while Malaysia is engulfed in flames.

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