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Politics has become so cheap in this country, that people don’t get surprised. If tomorrow there is a headline with a photo of Najib and Anwar hugging and kissing one another, and accompanied by a solemn declaration that they are doing it for the good of the country – people are not going to bat an eyelid, but perhaps curse those slimy and wicked morons and look for better words.

Balasubramaniam is just a tool made use of by the Najib Anwar conspirators, and he is pitiable, and bound to be haunted, for a very long time, though at the present he may be gloating gleefully he had done the right thing. Whether money, life or any other forced threats he had to undergo, he simply sold his soul and stands naked like a new born babe unable to defend himself from the vile words of the 25 million of this country. If he had gained somewhere, from whatever means, it is tainted and bloodied, and this gain will be in no position to guarantee him peace or degrading remarks as long as he lives. But I pity his family which will also bear the consequences and in time to come, it is anybody’s guess how they are going to take it.

But for Najib and Anwar, the stain can be never be erased, in fact it becomes more noticeable and it will be secondary to their character. Reference to them will always be highlighted with this stain.

It is difficult for people to change their perceptions of these two people, and even if they do good in the future, their sullied names will not be given a new look.

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  1. Few observations though:

    Since we are talking about two SD, let’s examine certain points.

    1. Yesterday, he was all happy and chatted with every journalist, local and foreign.
    Today, he refused to talk or take a single question from anyone.

    2. Yesterday, his meeting was announced 24 hrs before it was scheduled.
    Today’s meeting was in obscure hotel where few journalists were called in.

    3. Yesterday, he was a happy man, vety jovial and chattery.
    Today, BN newspaper the Star wrote that he “was visibly perturbed”

    4. Yesterday, he has informed the people and the journalists who were the people who have jailed him, harassed him, omitted his evidence and maltreated him.
    Today, he didn’t say who has forced him. Who has given instructions. Who has mistreated him. He simply refused to talk but run out of the hall visibly disturbed with deep eyes.

    5. Yesterday, he didn’t meet the police before he released his SD in front of world media and local as well,
    Today (yesterday’s night) he has spent in BrickFields where he was immediately summoned after he has released his SD and was taken to the station by his former lawyer.

    6. Yesterday, he has released a comprehensive SD touching on Najib, Musa Safri, Baginda, Police, Prosecution, Witnesses (etc),
    Today, he has released the same SD but the parts that referred to Najib removed. All other people were retained. (Ha ha! I wonder who advises these people.)

    7. Yesterday, he was a well combed man, with office shirt- and well prepared
    Today, he was wearing a dirty T-Shirt with a cap and a was acrrying a plastic bag (black). As his new lawyer talked, he didn’t talk, chat, look up, greet or handshake anyone unlike yesterday.

    ……..These are simple observations that any intelligent being can pick and realise what’s going on. Furthermore, it is not Bala or Anwar who is in charge of the Defence, Security, Intelligence, Criminal and Justice system of this country but the 3 men accused of conspiracy and evidence manipulation. (Najib, Musa and Patail). You don’t need a child to know who uses force. It is not Anwar who seeks shelter at Embassies fearing for himself but the men who exercise that power over the said institutions.

    PS: The Deputy PM doesn’t need Bala to retract any statement which is a perjury now and a criminal act in the penal code. He only needs to file a defamtion suit. Can’t he? If yo are innocent, why trouble yourself with Bala? Just go to the court and said you were defamed and there you go and get your due. When he was asked yesterday, he refused to file a suit, just like he and Rosmah refused to file a defamation suit against Raja Petra. If people are mudslinging you, insulting, incriminating you, and you are innocent, why not seek justice? It is because he knows in courts evidence will be produced and knowing that the Altantuya case has been pre-arranged (we have followed it as a nation), he hopes that by simply denying SDs and refusing to file suits, things will get cooled and he will move on. Heavenly no. Malaysia’s name is at stake. It is not about him, about Anwar or Badawi. It is about this nation and its people.

    NB: If he has no confidence in the judiciary of this country by refusing to seek justice at the courts by filing defamation suits against his accusers, who else will trust the regime? The dead? Oh, I’m sorry…we are alive. Thanks to God!

  2. The Altantuya murder case is obviously involves high ranking government people. As a former policeman, I believe the two accused cops were just following orders from their superior just as Bala said in his SD. From the many statements, many people were involved in this murder, mostly the police personnels. It is a great cover-up act which is delaying the whole case. It’s taking more than two years and counting.

    The BN government is actually the UMNO government. Majority of the UMNO ministers are lacking in honesty and responsibility. They are intoxicated with power and money!

  3. thechief intelligent makepc yesterday saying that they never send message to anwar or to ABB . of coz they have to say that , remember he is under najis department , who is he trying to fool ? should call them chief of military moron , anwar said he got the foreign intelligent message le , stupid chieft military people . when u see all this msm broadcast , u will laugh there logic ,they feed the message to us as if we are moron or brainless .

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