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Various comments are being bandied about after Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration that was revealed by Anwar this afternoon. Most of us have read and reread the SD, and picked it up with a fine tooth comb. The comments by bloggers have been varied, some calling the SD as hogwash, lies, and why Bala could not have brought it up at the trial where he was the first witness. There have been others defending the SD, that the people have been taken for a ride, and calling into question the system of law and justice in this country. Every one has got a right to comment and I think it is too early and  premature now to come into a conclusion without the alleged accusers given a chance to explain their side of the story.

The country laws do not provide for the luxury of condemning someone when some negative actions are reported and then lock them away in a cell. An investigation has to take place.

From Anwar’s statement and from what we know, there was switching of DPP’s at the last moment, and the changing of judges. The Attorney General must have his say. Anwar in his report on the new allegation of sodomy, has referred to irregularities in the IGP and AG handling of his case earlier.

The ACA is acting on Anwars report, and now with new revelations pointing towards the IGP and AG, the Prime Minister should suspend these two officers from their duties to give the ACA the clout to investigate people without any interference and hopefully give a complete and detailed report. Will Badawi do that.



  1. Malaysians must slow down and think properly.

    1] during a trial a Witness on an Oath, can simply blurt any answers or make speeches.

    2] a witness only can say YES or NO or to give very simply answers.

    3] and it is up the DPP to ask questions and if the DPP has been instructed by the AG not to be too resilient what can the DPP do ; he/she may lose promotion and transferred out.

    4] and why of all things, this chap was charged with PC 302 ?

    5] anyway, Abdul Razak Baginda, his wife his daughter and the WHOLE family knows the real truth..

    As good Muslims they must ask the counsel of good pious Ustadz[non-political] high educated eg. Professors Islamic Studies or Mufti …

    and come out and tell the whole truth … they are duty bound, otherwise, the curses and cries of decent Malaysian God may rule in our favour instead of the perpetrators of thi sdastardly and heinous crime.

    if ARB’s family is reading this, do the right thing ….

  2. dear aarvidi,

    referring to your last few sentences.

    firstly, it was actually two different occasions.

    1. biasiswa support letter- that’s few months back.
    2. traumatized being sodomized – few days before report lodged.

    not speculating anything, just to correct the fact.

    so i advise you to edit your article, i guess it’s misleading in a way. If you don’t believe me you check in malaysiakini ( if you think malaysiakini is reliable source )

  3. Thank you, I have edited it.

  4. it checkmate time for najis, IGP, AG and PM as well………..

    As expected, they will switch on their usual tactic, into denial mode…

    well, rakyat will be the judge…najis is guilty for murder of mongolian girl. IGP & AG is equally guilty being manupulating with the evidences and oppression on the proceeding of court. PM AAB and his son in law also guilty of cover up.

    They all are not fit to represent our government… let change them and send them to hell…

  5. Aarvidi,

    I have answered Ruzaimi in his blog by writing the following piece:

    Before we ask how much was Bala paid, one needs to answer a simple question: If Najib believes that he has been defamed, why not lodge a police report? Defamation is a crime, if you are innocent, why not sue him? What are you waiting for. Him saying something or writing SD is nothing at all, Najib’s response is what matters.

    That said, what did Najib say on Monday at Parliament? That he “has never met, seen, talked to or come acrossSaiful.” Well, what did Najib say today while sweating?

    DPM admits meeting sodomy complainant

    Beh Lih Yi | Jul 3, 08 9:49pm
    In a new twist, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today admitted that he met Saiful Bukhari Azlan a few days before the latter lodged a police report against Anwar Ibrahim for alleged sodomy.

    “Malaysia’s deputy prime minister said on Thursday the man who has accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy had turned to him for help because he was in a trauma.

    Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak’s surprise remarks came days after Anwar rejected the allegation as a top-level conspiracy to prevent him from standing for parliament and stymie his drive to woo defectors from the ruling coalition.

    Police are investigating Anwar, 60, for allegedly sodomising his 23-year-old aide. A similar charge a decade ago landed the former finance minister in jail for six years before the nation’s highest court overturned that conviction in 2004.

    Najib said Anwar’s accuser, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, went to his house a few days before lodging the police report on Saturday.

    “There is no conspiracy. The boy came to my house to complain to me that he was sodomised by Anwar. Initially I was skeptical. He needed help because he was so traumatized,” Najib told reporters.

    “It was up to him and the police to decide on the next course of action.”

    Najib denied links with Saiful but today admitted that he has met Saiful at his house few days ago…”

    How will you defend that? You think we are toddlers or what? It is not a question od personalities, it is a matter of certain elements thinking that they can manipulate all people, may be they see few dimwits and buffoons who pussyfoot them and they mistakenly imagine that Malaysians are all such marauding pussyfooters. The DPM denied that he has met, dined, ate or talked to Saiful, today he has admitted that he has been meeting him recently. Well, you don’t need to wait longer for him to self destruct before his competitors come for him.

  6. “An investigation has to take place…” sure, but by whom? Since all the key players are implicated one way or another – either in the actual crime or in the complex cover-up! How would YOU feel if you were robbed and raped in your own home… and then after a family member arrived and released you, you go to the nearest Balai Polis to lodge a report… only to find the same gang that just cmmitted the crime now in uniform, grinning at you from behind the counter and urging you to make a statement? That’s the nightmare situation Malaysia is in right now. How did it happen? Well, during the long, dark Mahathir Era, too many Malaysians were taken in by his bogus vision of a “fully industrialized” nation and all his glittering mega-projccts – but they all ended up like Dayabumi, pretty shells but devoid of soul and serving no purpose apart from the purely ornamental. Mahathir said, “Malaysia Boleh!” – and 22 million people (yes, it’s now 26 million) shouted, “Syabas!” Meanwhile, independent and clear thinking dried up into a tiny puddle and the REAL visionaries were ignored and exiled themselves to the wilderness. Those who warned about the danger and stupidity of aping the shallow Western model of “development” were quickly shut up. Those who voiced concern about civil liberties and justice were beaten up and locked away. Those who expressed disgust at the way BN was mismanaging the country were left to starve. And that’show we got ourselves into the present mess. But… it’s never too late to WAKE UP and RECLAIM OUR COUNTRY!

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