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I am not a lawyer, but on reading our Prime Minister’s Malaysiakini report that everything is in order, and that what Balasubramaniam the Private Investigator brought out in his Statutory Declaration is sub judice; I wondered. This legal word means “before a judge or court : not yet judicially decided”.

Pardon my ignorance, most of the facts, or at least some of them, under the SD were never brought out in the court. Blogger Haris Ibrahim should comment.


  1. Hi everybody,

    The IGP said on TV that the army would be roped in to help the police if necessary. This would have caused unease amongst the public.

    Now, the PM has to do some damage-control by stepping forward to give his assurance that conditions in the country is still peaceful and under control. The IGP should be held responsible for giving credence to ‘khabar angin’!

  2. The news we read daily has caused mistrust with the government, judiciary and law enforcement organisation. Therefore, the best way to deal with this matter is to organise an investigation lead by the United Nations. I’m very sorry to say that the Malaysian Police Force is not a reliable and do not have moral ethics to conduct any investigation further with regards to Ms.Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case.

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