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Malaysiakini reports in its version of Bahasa Melayu that Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri has a prima facie to answer in collecting money for the 100 day celebration of Pakatan Rakyat, illegally. This has been confirmed by Ja’afar Mahad of the ACA.

In addition, the garbage collection services were given out using the same modus operandi.

Khalid, this is your opportunity to prove to the people, that you are an action orientated Menteri Besar and will not brook any form of corruption. You will be repaying the voters who voted you in, and you may be not aware that there is a lot of grumbling going on  that the election promises have not been carried out or in some cases watered down. A corrupt action is still the same even if committed by another PKR man.

With carrying out action, your hand will be strengthened, and once the officers know even party connections will bring in no consideration, everybody will be on their toes. Look at the local councils, how much waste is taking place. Only today I saw an luxurious 4 wheeler belonging to MPSJ Subang being used and wondered whether it was in line of duty. The time was after office hours.

You will be setting a fine example of accountability and transparency, which even the ruling Government does not do.


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  1. Hi everyone,

    The MB YAB Khalid and his Exco have already taken appropriate and just action by suspending the officer as the latter at that time was still under investigation. The former have proven that they brook no nonsense even though the person accused of misdeeds is a PR man!

    Even now when the ACA has found that there is a prima facie case, the officer is still deemed ‘innocent unless proven guilty’. Let the officer defend himself first. Hence, the Selangor State govt. can only wait for the law to take its course. The ball is at the ACA.s feet to pursue further.

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