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Malaysiakini reports that MCA youth leader Liow Tiong Lai blames the arrogance of UMNO that caused the downfall of the Chinese party in the March 8 elections. How easy is it to blame others for your failure.

He admits MCA was blamed for being weak, not standing up to UMNO.
Is this the reason or, MCA felt the Chinese won’t push them away. MCA was confident the Chinese people will back them no matter what, and arising of this super duper confidence, they did nothing to gain the confidence of the people and eventually lost the election. It is simple as that.

Come MCA be honest even in times of failure and you may gain the confidence of the people again. Your blame game will not go well with the Chinese.

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  1. I blame ‘stupidity’ for BN great downfall.
    Umno being stupid by behaving arrogantly.
    Mca being stupid by not behaving arrogantly.
    Mic being stupid by not knowing how to behave.

  2. I am a typical and simple Malaysian chinese. Datuk Liow is definitely correct.

  3. bye bye MCA…the game is over…hahaha 🙂

  4. Other than the arrogance of UMNO, the rakyat are also aware of robbery, stealing and self enrichment of MCA. Who is this Tiong guy? Another spineless robber/thief? Or this Tiong guy thinks all Chinese are morons.

  5. there is some truth from the comment of liow, MCA under datuk seri ong has been far more clean then tun lin .Pitty the guy, he has to step down bcoz of some others fault thing again, have u notice our horny ex health minister commented bout ong stepping down ? He has no shame at all pointing finger to the centre leadership not to his tarnishment of sex scandal to mca.this fela know how to make publicity of himseft via health ministry

  6. I think MCA should also shoulder some if not all of the blame for the last GE losses. They are also grabbing all the contracts and making money for themselves and their relatives….so how can one stand up on sensitive issues raised by UMNO lest their ‘tap’ will be closed.

  7. Since GE2008, we have given a lot of chances for the gov to mark up and improve. The answe is utterly disappointing.

    Our only only only and desperato hope now is Pakatan Rakyat.

  8. MCA, MIC were greasing their palms together with UMNO for at least the last 30
    over years, so were you not all in the same category of thieves of the rakyats?
    Come, come MCA you have Big Crooks in your midst too. We Chinese have been deceived by you lot way too long and now you reap what you sow! Don’t be a beggar party, it is about time you change direction and be the rakyats party.

  9. Some UMNO people have a very simplistic view about wealth distribution.They think that the wealth of the Chinese community is shared equally by all Chinese.You name one thousand richest Chinese families in Malaysia and I can tell you that I am not related to anyone of them.Their wealth is not my wealth.They keep their wealth to themselves and their family members.It makes no difference to me whether they are Chinese or Malays.Why should the rest of the Chinese who are not rich be discriminated just because there are more wealthy families in their community !

  10. No need to blame! MCA is keput. It was keput the day it decided to sell our Chinese birthright.
    If you didn’t sell us, UMNO wouldn’t have taken us for granted.

  11. Liow, you are really mad but be thankful to UMNO for your MP. Dont blame others, stop talking rubbish, the real truth is hopeless MCA cant win without arrogant UMNO. Lot of mad people in MCA – Mad Chinese Association.

  12. Umno racist policy of ‘bumi & non bumi ‘ is a malaysia apartheid policy,where the wealth of the country have been raped & blundered by Top Umno leaders using chinese as scapegoat.
    Ketuanan Melayu equals Hitler Nazi & Facism of putting down another race.
    Malaysia is one of the few Countries in the world where the majority malay muslim government punish the minority non -muslims races.
    Why do umno want to pit the malay vs non malays ? All for the sake of Money.
    Why was Altantuya shot & blown up ? All for Money….millions in kickbacks to a VVVIP. Now Anwar is being framed again !
    Pakatan Rakyat Keadilan-Pas-Dap selamatkan Malaysia & unite all Malaysians for a better future for all the races ! Say NO to RACISM !!
    Say NO to Umno/Bn raced based politics! Hidup Rakyat!

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