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Malaysiakini has given a complete account of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim lodging a Police report against IGP Musa Hassan and attorney general Abdul Ghani Patel for an alleged incidence of fabricating evidence 10 years ago.

Mahathir may have vacated his premiership in 2003, but after 5 years his legacy lives on, like a waft of perfume that lingers on to remind us of a woman who is no more in the same vicinity. You may want to forget him, he is just an ex Prime Minister, but the immoral things that took place during his reign are being slowly exposed, first it was Lingamgate and now this, an allegation of wrong doing by two senior custodians of the law.

Even in Lingamgate there was no direct evidence of Mahathir being involved, meaning, he did not do it personally but proxies were there to do it for him. And so, in this case of Anwar’s Police report, another finger is pointed at Mahathir.

Anwar was arrested on September 20, 1999, and while in custody was assaulted by Rahim Noor resulting in a black eye and injuries to other parts of the body. Police investigations at the onset revealed Rahim Noor caused the injuries. But the official report indicated otherwise that, Anwar’s wounds were self-inflicted, Arising out of public outcry, a royal commission was set up and Rahim Noor spend time in prison.

Anwar’s Police report today was on the present IGP and AG who were there during the time of Anwar’s assault.

Coming to this alleged immoral acts of the IGP and AG, did they do this on their own, or was it done with the knowledge of someone up there. Mahathir was a strict administrator and disciplined in the ways he did his work. It has been reported that even his Ministers had dossiers of their deeds and that is why no one dare step out of the way, even people like Samy Vellu, Rafidah, or even Daim Zainuddin. Such was his control.

This is something we miss in the present flip-flop administration. The flip-flop can be changed drastically, rather over night if Badawi insists that the Lingamgate and Anwar Police report are given precedence and the perpetuators, if there is of the crime, brought to justice fast.

This can be a redeeming factor for Badawi. Let us wait and see.



  1. I strongly suspect Mr Mahathir and his cohorts are behind this current “sodomy” episode. Only he has the most to gain from it.

    It is our curse to have a “snake” like Mahathir as a Malaysian.

  2. Mr Abdullah must act fast to rectify all the allegation,otherwise all the rakyat will use their power.He must remember that his goverment was choosen by the rakyat.

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