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Malaysiakini’s report on Rosmah Mansor wife of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, denying any part in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, is amusing and at the same time, annoying that the woman is saying the wrong things to deceive the public.

She is not a politician, not running for any post, but a wife of a politician. She is not the wife of a Branch Leader in UMNO, perhaps then there is nothing she can do, but confessing her weakness as a Deputy Prime Minister’s wife, is to say the least alarming.

The second blunder she made in her statement was, she was not pressing charges against the allegations by Raja Petra, In other blogs, writers have made various suggestions, why she does not want to follow up the matter with Raja Petra, for me it is very simple, are you frightened of Raja Petra or is there substance in his Police report.

She must change her speech writer if she has one or better still get someone more versatile. Her concern is for the people and nation. She admits she is not a politician, then why is this political talk. The people and nation can look after themselves, the main worry is are you involved in murder as alleged.

If you are repeating yourself the mantra “I am innocent, I am innocent” this won’t change the situation unless you act to proof it.

Good, she did not claim Norhayati was not known to her, but she was just a helper, come on woman, she did help is it not.

So, for heaven sake, don’t make comments that indiscriminate you, sometimes silence is golden.



  1. She is stupid, what do you expect? Furthermore, the thoughts, and deeds and words are like the boomerang. Let her talk, the more the better as I believe the more she talks the more lies will come out and these lies will come back to haunt her for the rest of her life. It’s the Law of Cause & Effect. What you sow is what you reap. She has been taking and taking from the Rakyat, it’s pay back time now! Ready or not, powerful or not, you will have to face the consequences, Rosmah. No one can run away from his/her own Karma.

  2. the way she talk was very disgusting..what????she think all the rakyat very stupid meh..???so,norhayati got promoted before or after the cccc incident..????

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