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Over the last 10 years Petronas has spend RM550 million for the prestigious Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra, that is RM55 million a year.

When the average salary of a worker in Malaysia is between RM1000 and RM5000, the musicians, who are mostly foreigners, are paid between RM16,000 to RM 28,000. They have a 2 month holiday every year. The Conductor is paid RM40,000 a month.

What good news is this for the suffering public, where now ikan kembong is sold for RM12 when it was just RM6 to RM8 in most places.

Now back to the debate in Parliament, Deputy Minister SK Devamony argued not many companies in the country could well afford its musical programme. Well said, but this company belongs to the Government which was set up with people’s tax. Earnings from Petronas must be channeled for the welfare of the community, but the money goes to mega projects and wasted projects like Formula one, Terengganu boat race and Langkawi events. If the money had been re-directed to the people, the fuel price won’t be high. We are paying for the sins of our former Prime Minister and Badawi committed because they are not affected.

More than all that. How many of the 25 million people like symphony music. Do you? Not I, my music satisfaction comes from the radio in my car and the CD’s I purchase. Symphonic music is for the rich, a separate class of people who enjoy life music and luxurious living. Your listening pleasure must be cultivated and only the rich people can indulge in this.

So, Devamony don’t give us crap. Why have one facility that is exclusive and not for the 25 million.

The RM550 million could have been used for something better. When your stomach is empty, not now but as things are happening, in the near future, an empty stomach has no intrinsic value. It growls. Get the idea.

Gov’t defends Petronas’ Philharmonic Orchestra

The government has defended the decision to continue with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) being funded by Petronas, the state-owned oil company.

Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department, SK Devamany said that not many companies in the country which could well-afford to sponsor its musical programme.

“This initiative by Petronas should be emulated by other companies in the country,” he told Mahfuz Omar (PAS-Pokok Sena) during the oral question session.

He said its ‘intrinsic value’ was priceless for many and cannot be compared with money.

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  1. the DM in the PM’s Dept. he is full of shit and his bosses are also full of shit.
    a) How many peformance do the organised a month? Answer sometimes non.
    b) How much are the tickets priced at? Answer 250 – 500 ringgit?
    c) Can an ordinary raakyat afford this programe? Answer is No.
    d) For 500,000,000 can we built a new university & maintaie it? Answer is Yes.
    e) Can 500,000,000 be used to build another hospital & maintenance which the raakyat needs very desperately? Answer is Yes..
    f) Can the poor, sick & unfortunate’s god given right & wealth be compromised for this baselees wastage? Answer is No.
    g) When can we rid ourselfs of these maggots who do not care about the well being of the raakyat? Answer the next general election.

  2. They never learn from the past general election..What can we do?Answer is.Teach them again(Next general election).

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