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Religions forbid sodomy or buggery, whether done with a male or female. It has its origin in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, with brimstone and fire from God, who destroyed the cities because the people there lived perverted lives. Read here and here.

Only yesterday the papers were splashed with news of the buggery case of Anwar Ibrahim as alleged by his aide. Today’s Star has another news of a similar nature involving an OCPD and two lance corporals in Terengganu,

Although scorned by the public, yet it is common knowledge that this type of nefarious activity goes on prevalently among consenting adults. The snag is when this action is forced on another, then it becomes criminal.

A friend of mine burdened by the high cost of living sarcastically commented, “it is all because of the rise in prices, they can’t get the original but therefore look for alternatives, didn’t the government advice change your life style”. He could be right.

KUALA TERENGGANU: Two police lance corporals have lodged reports alleging that their chief, an OCPD of a rural district in Terengganu, attempted to sodomise them, on two separate occasions.

In the first report made on Thursday, the 22-year-old cop claimed that he was sleeping at the OCPD’s house in mid-May when someone grabbed him from the back.

In his report, the cop alleged that the OCPD embraced and kissed him at about 3am.

The lance corporal also alleged that the senior officer dragged his “boxer” shorts down and attempted to sodomise him.

The subordinate claimed that he fled and hid in one of the rooms before deciding to lodge the police report.

The second report against the OCPD was made at 5.15pm on the same day by another 21-year-old cop who claimed that his chief had ordered him to accompany the OCPD to a bedroom on the second floor of a rest house here, early in March.

The policeman claimed the OCPD also tried to molest and sodomise him.

Both the reports were lodged at the Kelantan police headquarters in Kota Baru.

Senior police officials confirmed that the reports were lodged, adding that the two lance corporals had been transferred out of the district to facilitate investigations.


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