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Yes, this broke the camel’s back. Malaysiakini reports that SA Vigneswaran MIC Youth chief quit the party effective 3 PM today. It is painful to leave a party which you have been with for 25 years. But then he is not Samy Vellu who happens to be in for 30 years, and wants to embed his name as the longest MIC President, notwithstanding whether he deserves that high honour or not. Does he really care for the 630,000 members in MIC: a figure inflated to show the strength of the party.

Has Sam ever contemplated that in this group of 630,000 members there may at least a single soul who can run MIC as the President, or have  the Indians retarded to a position of indentured labourers as when the first generation Indians arrived this shores, and their “gangani” or mandore under whom they worked was their demi-god. It looks the way now. Only the members can decide. Well I can foresee the mandore will be re-elected the next year and all the members will be subservient to him until he says good bye to his existence. Sometimes one wonders whether this big group are just yes man or mechanised robots who must have Samy to think for them.

SA Vigneswaran threw a challenge at Sam, leave the party and prove whether it can survive or it will be buried. By Samy leaving, MIC will survive – after all it had survived from 1946, under 6 previous Presidents and Sam will be another passing figure.

Vigneswaran is polite when he says the fateful defeat of MIC in March 8 tsunami, was caused by an individual, but it is an open secret that Uncle Sam was responsible.

Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy, to say the least, had some love for MCA to quit. Does Samy love MIC?

There is a tendency among Indians to be concerned that if you leave an organisation, unmindful of the benefits you obtained, then you become ungrateful. Perish this thought. What has happened to your contribution.

Well as it goes Uncle Sam will get elected next year and the “gangani” system will be given a new breath of life.



  1. Vicki ,samy n others have buried mic forever R.I.P. MIC.

  2. Samy is getting younger every year while the other are getting older. That is why he keeps himself as the president of MIC. He is able to do so because like Badawi, a mall support means he is still wanted. Why is this small group still supporting Samy? There must be a reason.

    Look at MCA the running dogs of Umno. MIC makes no difference. The food price increase is all right to them because they are not suffering. The very people (black or yellow) they claim to represent are betrayed to the core. At least the MCA President and his Deputy are not contesting but who knows they may have graduated to how Badawi talks – just the opposite.

    Samy Vellu Oh Samy Vellu – it is time you take a walk because the Indians are better off without you, just like the MCA to the Chinese. Get the message thambi?

  3. Samy is now superbly trained in suppressing ‘attacks’ in MIC and wonder when Samy would direct his suppressing skills at Babi Negara ADUN Sungai Rapat, pardon me since the ADUN uttered ular first!

  4. Don`t you all know that he is not immune.He lost on 13GE,so why don`t you all indian(630,000 members)vote for him to quit..hahaha.ayoyo samy.

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