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I laughed reading this report. Here a man offered RM50 to a Police corporal, not once but three times. The only reason the Corporal refused the bribe was, perhaps it was too low, or there were others besides him to deter him taking the bribe. He should have arrested him the first time, but he was being kind.

Next we read, the bribe was offered, because they did want the 3 woman to be inspected. Nothing wrong was found.

No Policeman will refuse a bribe, without this second salary they will perish.
No Malaysian will offer a bribe if nothing is wrong.

Only Kampar OCPD Supt Nordin Manan made a fool of everybody including his CPO Perak and the IGP. Thank you Nordin.

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IPOH: A Chinese national landed in hot water after he tried to bribe a police corporal at a roadblock near the Gopeng toll plaza.

Although the corporal waved off the money and warned him, the man repeatedly offered the RM50 note.

After the third time, the police finally arrested the 36-year-old man at the roadblock at 11.45pm on Saturday, and turned him over to the Anti-Corruption Agency at about 1pm Sunday.

“During inspection, the Chinese national approached them in a blue Proton Saga and asked police to free the three women.

“The man told them that the women were his relatives. Initial investigations reveal that he gave the bribe to exempt them from inspection,” he said in a press statement released Sunday.

It is learnt that the 54-year-old Malaysian and the three women, aged 18 to 20, only had their statements recorded as they had their personal documents with them.

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