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I have been reading Malaysia Today for some time now and enjoy what the author Raja Petra Kamarudin says. His comments on various issues of the day, particularly relating to the Government, our leaders and VIPs in power, gives the readers insight information, and anecdotes which the MSM is unable to provide. It enhances the bare facts brought out by a paper and adds meat to the bare bone. So much so that when you read the mainstream media, and find something new, the tendency is there to browse Malaysia if RPK has a story on it.

If there is one, then you feel satisfied that RPK’s report has filled up the gaps left out by the media earlier, and you feel contended you are well informed of the whole issue.

Such is the trend and I am sure many other readers have this addiction in reading Malaysia Today as a real source of information.

The issue of the statutory declaration made by him on June 18, could be Raja Petra’s swan song and action may be taken by the Police for elements of libel against the government – and if this happens he may be put away for some time and we the readers will be disappointed the King of the blogging community is not there to give us hopes and aspirations. That will be a sad day indeed. Needless to say, most of the bloggers may close shop, no more WordPress or Blogspot com, and only the hardy may continue, maybe with reduced activity and perhaps only comment on woman clothing, inflation and the increase in crime. What a way to go.

Despite assurances by the Government, that blogging is part of the growing tendency for people to raise their voice, and then this phenomenon extends beyond the borders of our country, the government by strangling the voices of the people, is following a retrogressive step in the wrong direction.

RPK is not naive to clash with the Police. He is not going to put his head into the guillotine, willingly, waiting for the blade to come down. He knows the consequences. To my mind there is substance behind the SD which information RPK is privy to.

Confronting the Police is nothing new to RPK. He has gone through this a few times, and the interrogating Police have had butterflies in their stomach during questioning time. RPK is a tough nut to crack.

A short flash back, will reveal,  RPK and his tryst with the Sedition Act goes back to March 2001. In 2004 it was the case of the Yam Tuan of Negeri Sembilan, the case of Muhammad son of Muhammad, as he calls it, a case still pending, and maybe, God forbid, another one to come now.

One thing is sure. RPK is not going to be passive to receive the accusations lying down, he sure is going to fight, a fight for freedom to say what one feels is correct, barring the fact no libel or sedition is intended.


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  1. Why cant every body be freeeeeeeeee

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