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I thought this controversy on lipsticks and high heels has ended. Lots of comments have been passed and I thought the instruction not to use lipstick and high heeled shoes have been withdrawn.

Anyhow, what is good about this Star report is, three young Kelantanese girls who are sales promoters have their say, and this is something for MPKB to chew on. They ask:

  • Do you want us to look like a living corpse
  • School girls not applying lipstick and high heeled shoes get raped
  • Will MPKB have a counter to buy back the high heeled shoes
  • Being sexy does not mean rape

These lasses must be congratulated for speaking up.

You can read my earlier comments here:

KOTA BARU: The municipal council’s latest advisory on lipstick and high heels is not going down well with female sales promoters here.

A survey by The Star revealed that many of them felt that the council had gone overboard.

Norshuhaida: ‘It is like looking at a living corpse’

The circular “advising” women not to apply lipstick and wear leather high heels was distributed at premises licensed by the MPKB.

It was aimed at Muslim females working there.

While they said they accepted the wearing of tudung as part of the MPKB’s directive to women in retail outlets, they could not understand what the fuss was about lipstick and high heels.

Shamira: ‘Even a schoolgirl with no lipstick or heels can get raped’

“I disagree. I do not think there is anything negative about women wearing high heels,” said sales promoter Wan Noriana Wan Yaacob, 23.

She said MPKB should then have to have a buy-back counter for high heel shoes if it was going to stop her from wearing it.

Norshuhaida Che Nasir, 19, a salesgirl at an outlet that sells lipstick, was outraged.

She said that at least natural colour lipstick should be allowed.

“I actually agree with the negative side to putting on excessive make-up. It is like looking at a living corpse.”

Wan Noriana: ‘Then there should be a buy-back counter’

Shamira Salleh, 25, from Kampung Laut in Tumpat, said that women did not have to look sexy to get raped.

“Even a schoolgirl who does not apply lipstick or wear high heels can get raped.

“They (MPKB) should reconsider the advice,” she added.


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