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The Bar Council’s forum “The Social Contract”  is over and surprisingly it was just discussions, for and against, and contrary to what Ibrahim Ali feared, the forum did not disintegrate into, affecting the sensitiveness of races, racial discomfort, Malay supremacy and a platform for sedition.  Read my comments here.

Ibrahim Ali is a devious politician, being bankrupt of ideas, clutches any straw to make sensational news to attract his former allies in UMNO. Fortunately the UMNO group knows him as a slippery eel, and will fall from one pot to another. Such is his character.

The forum made the ordinary man being made aware of what the social contract meant, and I dare say, there are many of us in the dark of this concept of a social contract.

So, Ibrahim Ali you can sleep in peace, nothing happened at the forum.

Would any blogger friend care enough to give a brief history on this Social Contract thing, to appreciate what was discussed in the forum. Thank you.



  1. You are a very thoughtful person on issues that are important. I like your blog.

  2. Hi sirsatire,

    Thank you.

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