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Imagine being told don’t sin against UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, MUIP, or any other party, and there you raise your right hand and solemnly swear I will not sin against the party, and if you are religious think about karma, your after life, and the fear of meeting your maker who may yet kindly inquire son did you commit any sin against the party. Sometimes these political parties are treated as demigods which they are not, but a group of conniving people out there to make a buck and the worst morally deficient society if there is one. There is no honour among thieves they say and perhaps this is alluded to the politicians. What is so sacrament about a party without ideals, a robbers den of wishy washy people who will sell their souls to gain recognition, fame and money.

I wish Mukhriz had not used the word sin, less Ezam comes back with the sins of Mukhris which would definitely include his disloyalty to the UMNO president. Or even going further talk of sins of the father, the accusations can go on and on – a fathomless pit of back-stabbing, deceit, lies and moral decadence. You cannot be nice if you are a politician, and maybe that is one of the reasons why many people don’t want to be involved with politics.

So Ezam has done what a politician usually does, and he is not going to put his down his head in shame and worry he has let down a lot of his earlier followers. For him it is a question of survival of the fittest, but I can’t imagine him rising up to the stars in UMNO, his past mistakes will haunt him. He is being used and will be discarded once his usefulness is no more there.

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SUNGAI PETANI: Former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor should “cleanse himself of the sins” he committed against Umno before contemplating taking up positions in the party, said Jerlun MP Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir.

He was responding to talk that Ezam might contest the Umno Youth chief post.

“Furthermore, technically, Ezam is not eligible to contest any post as according to conventional practices, only those whose membership has been confirmed up till December last year can contest positions in the party this year,” he said.

However, Mukhriz said he would not be surprised if changes were made to existing practices to accommodate Ezam.

He added that PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had not reacted negatively towards Ezam’s decision to rejoin Umno recently.

“I will not be surprised if Ezam’s entry into Umno is part of a hidden agenda to pave the way for Anwar to rejoin the party,” he told a press conference after a dialogue session with Umno members at Sungai Petani Industrial Area here yesterday.

The appointment of Anwar’s comrade Datuk Shuhaimi Ibrahim as a political secretary in the Prime Minister’s Department has further fuelled such speculation, Mukhriz said.

Mukhriz said he was 60% sure of contesting the Umno Youth chief post.

“I have to gauge grassroots sentiments before making a decision. We cannot announce we want to contest without getting feedback from the grassroots,” he added.

Earlier during his speech, Mukhriz said this year’s party polls would make or break Umno.

“To remain relevant, changes to the leadership must be made right down to the grassroots,” he said.

Ezam must cleanse himself of his sins, says Mukhriz


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  1. Hah hah hahahahahahahahaah…dooolllllll……….
    Now Mukriz asked Ezam to clean the sin make by the later toward UMNO.
    Both of Mukriz & Ezam had sins toward the rakyat….
    Ask Mukriz how much he recieved contract from Telekom Malaysia under OPCOM Holding (since its started getting from TM) until today Opcom with other partner company are getting contract from TM and he still asking AAB to step-down as PM.
    What sins he is talking???

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