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This coming from the mouth of Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop , an expert on financial wizardry, not withstanding the losses suffered by Bank Negara, when Nor was there, is to say the least an encouragement in these bleak days of tightening of belts.

Please read Anil Netto
and then we can suggest no second bridge please.

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BUTTERWORTH: The government will review some of the mega projects to reduce the country’s economic burden arising from the impact of the escalating global fuel price.

Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the review was one of the measures the government had to seriously look into to mitigate the rising fuel price.

“Projects planned by the government were based on the previous costs before the price increase. These projects might cost more now and we need to look over them again.

On whether the second Penang bridge project would be affected, he said he did not know, adding that no decision had been made (as of Sunday) to cut any mega projects in Penang.

He said the government would also cut cost in its administration expenditure and avoid wastage.

“We saved RM13.7bil when the government announced the price hike on June 4 but we ended up paying more when the global fuel price went up two days later,” he said.

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  1. Hopefully people can still survive and have something to eat and to cherish in life…

    I am wondering what happen to the government? Cutting subsidy, price increase? Are we run put of money? Is the country is desperate for money? Anymore money left in the Bank Negara?

    Recession may be inevitable, but the government need to make sure that the impact can be soften for those with less money…. Not following the capitalism idea … the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer…

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