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Shahrir defends steep fuel price hike

Domestic Trade Minister Shahrir Samad is braying like a donkey uncertain as to how he should function as a Minister. Is he not the one who promised that fuel hikes will only take place in August. How many people got burned by this. People believed him since he is the domestic Minister and believe me he can’t even muster some domestic servants, and Badawi on June 4 hiked the prices. How can this goat be believed in whatever he says. He is just a wallpaper decorating the post and nothing else. Malaysiakini says, there will be no further increases this year. Do you believe him, and his ruddy predictions. Please don’t make a fool of yourself, to defend the price hike, you will fail and the anger of the people against you will be hundred fold.

The cheek of him to say, coming to grips with the subsidy system. Did you ask the people when these subsidies were introduced, you and your bunch of nincompoops did it, and why should the people worry about the subsidy, their concern is how are they to cope with the all round increase everywhere.

He talks about political enemies arranging rallies, what could the people do, praise you and the government you have done a good job. Shahrir may not feel the price increase that will affect all goods and services, since his Ministerial pay, his perks may cover the increase. What about your own other family members, do you think they won’t protest publicly if given the chance.

Another blatant, ill-conceived statement is all subsidies will be removed by August – he is obsessed with that month of August, is that when his birth date his, is he saying the pump price will be RM 4, – come on man.

He is concerned that changing the prices of oil will make it difficult to administer the returning of subsidies – jargon he alone understands, next he will talk us in Greek.

Read how these Government stooges interpret the price increase here. This is from

Jeff Ooi.

Fuel rebates: One-off or annual payment?

Now that we have heard that, in sweetening the woes of 40% fuel price hikes, the Government will be making cash payments by vehicle size.

But, is it an annual payment or a one-off ex-gratia to the rakyat?

If we take Shahrir Samad’s version, he gave us the impression that it may be annual payments of RM625 for vehicles below 2.0L engine capacity, RM150 for motorcycles below 250cc engine capacity.

For thsi round, the rebates are calculated based on road tax renewed between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009. Quote:

“They’ll have to go back to the post office and they’ll get their money back. Once pay the road tax, the post office will give you a money order (for the RM625 rebate) which you can put in your bank account,” he explained.

Further, road tax is to be reduced by RM200 for vehicles above 2.0L and by RM50 for motorcycles above 250cc.

All those were (fat) hopes were dashed when Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop told The Edge Financial Daily in an exclusive interview that the rebates given are a one-off offered for a one-year period. Quote:

“The rebate is one-off for one year. We will have to make a decision in March whether or not we will continue it. There will be a decision involved at that point of time,”

“The one-off payment is to mitigate the one-off impact of cut in fuel subsidies,” he added.

Clever. When you face the increased price daily, it’s considered a “one-off impact”.

Note that Shahrir also said he “expected that price controls will be completely removed by August“. He has previously said that would likely see petrol jump to RM3 to RM4 per litre, from RM2.70 currently.

Will that be another of the “one-off impact” when it comes in say three months’ time?

That’s the quality of communication skills for the Abdullah Administration. Expect more flip-flops to come.


Remember? It was only May 31 when DCM Najib Razak boldly brushed off speculation that petrol prices will increase — then rumoured to be by 40 sen — following the government’s plans to restructure the subsidy system, including the petrol subsidy.

Najib was made to look like a stupid fool by his own boss in less than four days.

BY THE WAY… That’s the quality of communication skills for the Abdullah Administration. And by the way, expect more flip-flops to come.

BY THE WAY… Watch out for opinions that say inflation will hit a 10-year high this year.

BY THE WAY… Watch it too as ECM Libra has announced that it “will find it tough” to repeat its previous financial year’s results ended Jan 31, 2008 (FY08) in the current fiscal year (FY09).

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