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The Malacca Chief Minister, as usual is talking about race and now it is all about price hikes and food shortages, as if talking about these issues would cause rifts among the people. This bloke eats, sleeps, dreams all about race; remember him telling the world that even God can’t sink UMNO and telling MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, Sabah and Sarawak just buzz off. He is dangerous, a dynamite that can cause rift among the people and not the other way round by news reports and blogs on price escalation. Please read it here. He sounds muted and has lost his arrogance of the year 2007. But I think people will never forgive him.

MELAKA, June 3 (Bernama) — The media must be responsible and ethical in reporting on issues, especially the current price hikes and food shortage.
Melaka Chief Minister said news reports, features and comments by journalists as well as bloggers on these issues would attract readers and to a certain extent, would influence their thinking.
“I hope the media will continue to cooperate with the government in overcoming this crisis as the fuel price increase and food shortage are global problems that need to be tackled through concerted efforts,” he said at a function held in appreciation of the media, at a hotel, here Tuesday.
“The state government values the role of the media in disseminating news and information to the public and until now, government-media relations have been good and should prevail.
“The media must be aware of and understand journalistic ethics and put them into practice to avoid making inaccurate, untrue and disruptive reports.
“They need to be constructive and responsible in their views conveyed to the reading or viewing public,” he added.
Mohd Ali also reminded the media not to abuse the government’s openness by blowing up issues, an act that could cause rifts among the people.

Media Must Be Responsible In Reporting On Price Hikes, Food Crisis – Mohd Ali ::


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  1. Read the article in Malaysia Today and this guy sounds really cuckoo. Don’t know why no action was taken against him.

    Well in Malaysia basically there is no check and balance anywhere that’s why we get this type of crab.

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