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Najib targets ‘zero death’ in NS programme

Malaysiakini reports Najib the deputy premier is aiming for zero deaths in the National Service Programme. By doing so he is playing God to the trainees. As a human there is very little he can do, he has to ensure that everyone involved in the exercise, from the time the children enter until they leave camp, become responsible and treat the trainees as if they will treat their children. If this is done the negligence aspect can be overcome and parents can sleep well their children are in good hands.

For a start carry out a comprehensive study to decide on the caliber of the staff, are they there just to earn their monthly emoluments or are they are aware the basic necessities the children must have to ensure safety at all times – in work and play. The staff must have dedication, and if this is present, avoidable deaths can be done away with. Even in the last death, there was this uncanny feeling the best was not done; if there was no suspicion the parents of the girl won’t want to sue and fight a losing battle. For a start Najib can start with the Director General, who if I am not mistaken, plays second fiddle to Lee Lam Thye who makes all the comments in the media and becomes the spokesperson, although by his admission he has no executive powers, and can only advice. I would have expected the DG to be more pro-active rather than appearing to be working behind the scenes.

Some of my earlier comments are hereunder.


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