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You would have heard the expression “the cat with line lives”. It denotes that the cat is not susceptible to succumb to injuries, and after every injury it bounces back to life. It is a hardy animal.

We are fortunate enough to witness this form of hardiness amongst our politicians, whose feline inclinations, like a cat purring softly, form part of the free spenders who can bankrupt this country. They don’t spend the money themselves, being in that group of ribbon cutters, for ceremonies, but happens in the Ministry they head. It is an expected principal that the fish rotes from the head, and if the head is sound then the whole body is sound. This convention that the head is responsible for the body is badly misinterpreted, and many a time the head gets scot free. Maybe by then it is really dead.

A particular Minister has been in the limelight for the past couple of weeks. She was in the sports Ministry and now heads the Tourism group.

Remember the RM 2.1 milliion fiasco, which Azalina dismissed off as not in the know as she was more interested in cutting the ribbon. This involves the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia, and with the Minister cutting ribbons no one is sure where the money went.

And now R.Nadeswaran in the Sun newspaper talks of the RM 17 million that was flushed down the drain in connection with the Champions Youth Cup. You can read it here.

What irks me is this. None of the leaders question the mistakes. They pretend it has not happened. The Minister thinks she has the proverbial 9 lives mortality and carries on doing more damage. Why?


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