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The PAS led Pakatan Rakyat government in Kedah, has successfully planned a segregation exercise in recreation and sports. I didn’t bargain for this when I voted for this party, as their election manifesto did not touch on segregation, and wonder whether this segregation will be extended to the state I stay. There must be a thousand and one problems in Kedah but true to the nature of PAS they have to show Malaysians their ideal that Kedah becomes a sister state to Kelantan, as far as religious practices are involved.

Can you imagine the reaction of foreigners visiting Kuala Lumpur and then Kedah. Would they not wonder if Kedah is still part of Malaysia or they have transferred themselves to a different country. Please have some uniformity.

Western countries practices segregation says the Menteri Besar, pray tell us what countries are those. This will help Malaysians to plan their holidays so as to avoid countries that consider male and female as two different species and not homo sapiens.

SIK: The Kedah government plans to create separate zones for men and women at recreational and tourism spots in the state.

Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak said for a start, he would ask the state tourism committee to propose the creation of separate zones at the Ulu Legong Hot Springs Recreational Centre.
He said the Baling District Council, which managed the recreational centre, would be asked to create the separate zones, so that visitors could bathe in comfort.
“Even in Western countries, there are separate zones for men and women at such recreational centres,” he said after officiating at the new site of a religious school in Kampung Bandar Hilir yesterday. —

The New Straits Times Online….


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