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Perak Mufti Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria is generally the one who brings out helpful information to help the Muslims, but not to be out done Zamri Hashim, the principal assistant mufti has his say on copper bracelets, which I know about, or magnetic bracelet as explained by him.

I hope my Muslim readers of my blog, don’t get infuriated with my comments, I being a non-Muslim, but when I see Muslims as fellow human beings, I cannot help but wonder why these religious leaders treat their followers as small children, unable to distinguish between good and bad. This pains me.

Bear with me as I try to explain, non of my religious leaders would want to comment on what I wear, how I wear it, and what ever suggestions he may have on this particular issue. Why, because I am going to question them, ask for proof of his assertion, as he is another human like me but perhaps with some theological study which I don’t have. A good example, I am Indian, I prefer wearing pants, but I don’t expect him to come around telling me I cannot do this but must stick to a ‘vesti’, you know the cloth which Indians wear like the sarong, although the tying tactic still beats me – unless some one helps me the costume will never stick to my hip or waist. This may not be the best example, but between two human beings, unless an authority is quoted, how could one convince the other, this is good and the other is bad. Have I not got brains of my own. And why am I being treated like a child.

Now wearing this bracelet, it is something that does not go back a million years. It is a new phenomenon and I am sure there are no religious edicts, to cover this.

Look at what Zamri says or what are the 4 criteria:

  • Wearer must not believe the benefits come from God and not the bracelet. If it is believed that God can heal why use the bracelet at all.
  • It must not be a show off for men, you cannot call it an accessory, or the stuff must not be made of gold. At the material time this man made the comment he must have had a fit that made thinking impossible. The man is looking for a cure by wearing the bracelet, if he wants an accessory I am sure he will choose gold, but gold does not possess healing powers and why the heck wear something that can be termed as an accessory.
  • Paracetamol or Panodol as we call it relieves pain. All of us take it. It has been scientifically and clinically tested. Good. If this Principal Assistant Mufti had thought about it, would he not just say, hold on guys, the bracelet has not been tested, once the test results come in you will be informed. Has a layman who just wants his arthritis or rheumatic cured got the means to look for an expert to do the testing.
  • The last criteria is a whopper. If shy, to wear one, hide it-lah under the cloth. This is like a father telling a child, don’t steal, but he grabs the lollipop the child is eating, and thus defeats the whole purpose of the advice.

We have just disposed of Munirah the other religious person who thought white brings rape. Sometimes I am not too sure, have the religious authorities so much of free time, that they can indulge in this type of nonsense to create an impression they are working.

The wearing of magnetic bracelet is ’harus’ (permissible in Islam) if it fulfills four criteria, said Perak principal assistant mufti Zamri Hashim.

He said firstly, the wearer must not hold the belief (tiqad) that healing power comes from the bracelet but from the Almighty.
Secondly, he said wearing the bracelet must not be intended for showing off while for men, they are forbidden from wearing it as an accessory (as accessories are meant for women) or if it is made of gold.
He said thirdly, the healing power of the bracelet in improving blood circulation must have been proven scientifically and clinically. The evidence must come from doctors or scientists who were trustworthy and not merely be information provided by salepersons, he said in a working paper published by the Perak Mufti Department here.
Zamri said fourthly, if wearing the bracelet could embarass the wearer, it should be concealed in a long-sleeved shirt or blouse.

The New Straits Times Online……

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One Comment

  1. Aarvidi,
    sometimes you make me wonder,when you comments make a good sense but you seems plays a very safe calculated writing.

    I am slowly taking my time to read all your posting and analysing why you still not doesnt breaks into a major voice like those guys.(haris,anil,sloone)

    Your blogs sometimes carries the breaking news but some bloggers mention about your side then i came to know u.expecially the hindraf,some gave the credits to u(latest by helen in haris blogs).Its means you are a gems still unpolished in view of some readers.(not me)

    Well come comes back to so call bracelet-I observed this Perak mufti always looks for cheap publicity.(many times read this goons having very narrow minded views) and the MSN happily carries a news without comments.

    Finaly-the vesti of indian -its sounds like you are a man-but maybe you are very cautious again for me-u can seems have the brains and doesnt matter 4 me but one day i want u anwser to my question strait point blanks.

    Raj raman666-easily can find out whether u r WO(MAN) but i prefer u tells me.I always prefer the truth direct.not from source.

    have a goodday for everyday of your life.
    Doctors analyse me and i analysed the doc.Thats me raj raman

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