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Any one taking over a new group, especially if elected, will find it difficult to run the outfit if the former group now defeated does not hand over the records, files and other paraphernalia in an orderly manner. I have had this experience, once I was elected the Treasurer of a film and dramatic society. The losers in bad grace did not even hand over the minute book nor the membership list and the new committee had a tough time to run the affairs of the group.

But as far as the political parties in this country go, the elected want to hang on as a leech until they are removed forcefully or die in office. Why not write it in the constitution of the party that members are elected for life and they only go when they die.

This is what Rafidah Aziz is telling all former puteri UMNO leaders who join Wanita UMNO. Do not vie for any top posts but be happy as committee members she says. She is 65 years old and a grandmother, surely she must move on to give youngsters a chance. UMNO wanita does not belong to her in perpetuity, she is just a caretaker until she hands over the reigns to the incoming person. She is no better than Samy Vellu who is in office for 32 years and still will not give up the Presidency to some one else.

What parties like UMNO wanita want are members who are robots shaking their heads at a signal, but not humans.

ALOR STAR, May 24 (Bernama) — Former Puteri Umno leaders’ intention to vie for top posts in Wanita Umno may weaken the women’s wing and Umno, said Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz.
She said should there be contests, it could cause upheaval and splits in wing and eventually weaken the party.
“Do not be overzealous in vying for top posts in Wanita Umno because when we have two or three people contesting (a post), we will have two or three factions and this will cause problems.
“Wanita (Umno) is the backbone of the party and if we are saddled with problems, the party will eventually bear the brunt,” she told reporters after holding a closed-door meeting with Kedah Umno Wanita division heads at Ampang Jajar here Saturday.
However, Rafidah welcomed ex-Puteri members who had ceased to become members of junior wing who had passed the age-limit to be a member in it to apply for Wanita Umno membership.
“However, let me remind you that once you are accepted, do not be impatient by vying for top posts,” she said, adding that they should start by contesting committee member posts.
“I am proposing that Wanita division heads enlist ex-Puteri members who are contemplating contesting become additional committee members. “At least we can get the input from these youths who can assist us in reaching out to the younger generation.
“Some ex-Puteri members held important posts in the movement and this is the reason why they also want positions in Wanita,” she said.

Ex-Puteri Leaders May Weaken Umno By Contesting Top Posts In Wanita – Rafidah ::



  1. Could’t agree with you more.Similar argument at my blog Simpangsiur.

  2. Yes Azee, as you said without regular maintenance even political parties cannot perform.

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