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There are a lot of the so called conscious thinkers in our society who worry so much for the ills of society and come up with unheard solutions to curb rape, pre-marital sex, and how our students encourage these by wearing white. Munirah is dumb or unable to discern right from wrong. She must be the first person in this world who came out with this ludicrous statement and then perhaps she is already preparing the next salvo to deter boys from engaging in sexual misconduct. People of her kind must be told that she cannot make stupid statements as this would affect students and parents who are gullible. Think before you talk or produce evidence, which she has none.

Education Deputy Director-General (Schools) Datuk Noor Rezan Bapoo Hashim, is no better than Munirah, rather than give advise to this woman who has mislead people, Noor supports this ridiculous idea by suggesting the wearing of camisoles. So, is Munirah correct in her assessment. Think, first Noor.

If the bras are visible, then the type of cloth recommended by the Ministry of Education for the uniform is thin. Who was the smart guy or woman who did this. Noor you should instead look at this first. Not talk about legal implications – legal implications like what, parents taking the Ministry to court for not allowing their child to wear a transparent dress and thereby depriving of the student’s freedom to choose. Don’t talk rubbish. Forget this and do something worthwhile. Before I forget did you get any feedback from the non-Islamic Student Association, are they also grumbling.

PETALING JAYA: If a student’s baju kurung is found to be too thin or close to being transparent, the school can demand that she wears a camisole underneath her school uniform, said Education Deputy Director-General (Schools) Datuk Noor Rezan Bapoo Hashim.

At present, it is up to the principal to use his/her discretion and decide if female students should wear an undergarment, such as a camisole, so that their bras are not visible through their white blouses.

“If the baju kurung is too transparent, the school can insist that the student wears a camisole underneath,” Noor Rezan said.

She added that this issue had been taken into consideration in a recent review of the school rules.

“We are now at the final stage of studying the legal implications of the review of the school rules.”

Noor Rezan was responding to suggestions by Munirah Bahari, vice-president of The National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, that the uniform worn by girls at government schools was “sexy” and “encouraged rape and pre-marital sex”.

Munirah said on Wednesday that according to Islamic precepts, it was important to cover up, to fend off social ills, including “rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex.”

Her remarks drew immediate responses from several NGOs, teachers and students, who termed them “baseless” and “ridiculous.”

The Star checked with several schools in Ipoh, Alor Setar, Malacca and the Klang Valley and found that only a small number of them have made it compulsory for their female students to wear a camisole beneath their uniform.

A teacher in Puchong, however, said while it was not necessary for girls to wear a camisole to school, most of them had made it a habit to do so.

Student with ‘too transparent’ uniform can be told to wear undergarment


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