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Dr M warns of unrest amid political turmoil

He warns of unrest in multi-racial Malaysia, and Badawi is not pulling his weight. I think this is only in his imagination. His is a personnel vendetta against Badawi, his nemesis, and this is confined to UMNO, his supporters and those of Badawi. These two teams are slugging it out and I don’t see the people taking sides in this battle neither wanting to see races fighting one another. To be honest when you compare his rule and of Badawi, now one can see openness in dealing with issues and trying to find solutions to problems that abundant in a multi-racial society. This race card politics is slowly changing as people try to understand one another.

He says people are demanding things perceiving a weak Government. This is misleading. Contrary to his believe, the people are aware of what is happening in the Government. Whatever demands that are made are for good governance. Corruption, transparency, fairness, responsibility are not based on race alone. It covers the whole spectrum of society, and by doing so it is good for the people as a whole.

He further adds, extremists among different communities are out to create unfair demands. Is asking the Government being fair the work of extremists. I don’t think so.

Polarisation does not arise from religion. Polarisation is evident when one section of the community, irrespective of religion is treated differently, then differences are noticed. If every Malay has benefited from the New Economic Policy, good, it has done its job, but if this policy is for a selected few politicians, there is the privileged and the underprivileged, and this is polarisation. This is not so because of different religions.

Basically some of the issues raised by him, goes back to the time of 22 years he ruled the country. The excesses during his reign show results now and Badawi has got the inevitable task to put matters right. He is not going to surrender his Premiership just because Mahathir wants him to. In his exuberance and enthusiasm to make Najib the Prime Minister, does he forget that Badawi is a elected leader and his wishes that he should go is at the expense of the people who voted him. Badawi may not be a flamboyant leader like he was, but then if the people or the party does not want him, there must be a more democratic way to get him out and bring in someone new. Just because Mahathir does not want him, it becomes dictatorial to ask him to step down, and therefore a democratic procedure must be adopted. Mahathir’s rebellion is so far unsuccessful, not many UMNO members agree with his move and there have been no noticeable numbers resigning from UMNO. He should take the cue and keep quiet. Any further irritation, or criticism may eventually be beyond the patience of Badawi, and he may have to do the needful, to shut up Mahathir. It is country verses personal vendetta.



  1. TDM should take a good rest. Forget about AAB and whatever. Go to Langkawi his favourite island in the sun. Go sail the islands in his yacht and sing his song MY WAY

  2. Disgraced !! Everytimes Umno in trouble …. They will raise race sentiment again and again. Stop doing that Tun, it is Umno internal issue and civila war. We non-malay not the “Silence of the lamb”, pls don’t get us involved. It is you fight between Bodowi and Najis. Pls close the door and settle it.

    I warn you … to watch out C4.

  3. Oh ya, a racist. A racist that can get away with anything.

  4. Hi ,
    the malaysian politicians especially the gremlins from umno never had a Malaysian agenda. They are like used shells always harping on racial issues as if they are the ones who are championing the only cause. I remember TDM election cry some time back that if the Penangites will die if they don’t vote for BN. What a lot of crap this TDM has done for our beloved country always keeping us divided inbetween racial lines. Don’t yuo think that TDM should be left languishing in Taiping Detention Centre and the keys thrown into Lake Gardens, I certainly do………………..

  5. TDM seems to practise the “politics of fear” warning Malaysians about riot, Malays losing their rights etc. He has forgotten he was the admirable PM of all Malaysians (Malays and Non Malays) before. Now he is losing the respect from all of them.
    He wrote the controversial book “The Malay Dilemma”. Now he has become the Malays’ “Dilemma”.
    More Malaysians will now give Pak Lah The PM a chance to clean up he mess.

  6. TDM, Sir..Please take a good rest, and tend to your hobbies. Maybe take up some gardening, or even spend more time with your grandchildren.

    You had done good to Malaysia, you made Malaysia proud and stand up high, At the same time your era was somewhat a “dark era of freedom and free will to express” “The Lingam Saga” is the tip of the iceberg, and there are many more.

    Please do not divert and talk nonsense, nowadays whatever you say, it has racial conotations, and you seem to be more of a racist, Enough TDM, perhaps you can advise your good friend in ZIMBABWE too…..I am afraid both you and your dear Friend in Zimbabwe will go into history books soon as the most “hated” leader.

    You have a good chance to be a good statesmen, but somehow I think deep inisde you do still have some very evil thoughts, THINK TDM, THINK WHAT YOU DID….I still remember your order to “disconnect water and electricity” to for former DPM DSAI when the day he was to be arrested. What did his children do? You tell me, why cut water and electricity…….

    History will see you as the most “evil PM” Malaysia ever had. And now you are twisting and turning the entire country with vengenance, PM Abdullah is certainly not your calibre, and yes I agree, he should have been more firm and should had excersise his leadership skills, but somehow this man is “what he is” so you cannot do much…so just let him go peacefully….if he lose in the UMNO GA..then he goes… let time decide…and for your own sake and for the countries sake…TDM….just SHUT UP!! and repent.

  7. Hi Sheikh Housein

    I did not know about the disconnecting of water and electricity crap. Power does corrupt a person, and if it is absolute, the man does not think.

  8. Dr,. M
    Please join Sanusi Junid to plant padi on roof top.Otherwise join Ali Rustam to plan a bridge linking Melaka to Sumatra!The people, including Kampong folks, are smarter than all of you combined.

  9. Yes, Its the truth. On the nite DSAI was arrested the electricity and water was ordered to be “cut off” to his house in Damansara.

    I used to respect and admire Dr M, but this man seems to be full of vengenance nowadays.
    Remember the remark he made ” perhaps DSAI did it himself to make it like he was punched on his face” .this was the famous BLACK EYE Saga… cruel this man can be…..

    On the other hand.PM Abdullah, failed miserably over last 4 yrs, he was given a huge mandate and yet he failed to utilise it properly….if he was in the private sector, he would have been “kicked out” long time ago.

    Lack of leadership skills, and firmness….he had been given lots of golden opportunities to make things right..and yet this PM seems to be always “quiet” and had failed to make use of opportunities.

    The Lingam Scandal…is a good opportunity for the PM to show his firmness..and to show once and for all to TDM..who is the BOSS of the country.

    But somehow this PM….well I doubt he will……and I really dont know what bladdy..”silent elegance” the media seem to potray to this PM. …..but this PM will certainly go into the PM who failed the “Malaysians”

  10. I think mr.Sheikh Housein says it aptly…. REPENT when you still have the time…and practice good deeds everyday for we know the days of your rule is already ..OVER … WE THE RAKYAT NEED THE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER..

  11. Hi Sheikh Housein,

    He is nasty is he not? I thought as you get older you are aware that you have not that amount of time, and thus engage in good piety, religion, being good, Mahathir is just the opposite, vengeance, anger, and what have you.

    Badawi is a wash out. Some people can’t rise up to the occasion when one is called for.

    Thanks for your comments. Keep on at it, you will encourage me to write.


  12. Hi Vincent,

    You have said it well.

  13. “…does he forget that Badawi is a elected leader and…”

    Badawi is NOT an elected leader. He was APPOINTED by Mahathir. Who gave Mahathir the right to appoint Badawi? If he followed the path of true democracy, Najib should have been made TPM when Mahathir was in power because Najib got the highest votes.

    Badawi was not an elected leader. Never assume that.

  14. this is now getting out of hand. first, he makes seditious remarks in JB and is not checked. Now, he warns of unrest also falling into seditious remarks.
    I agree with Param that he should be charged with the ISA and locked up to rehabilitate. He is getting irrational in his bitterness against the PM.. only prison is the right place for him to be in.

  15. Mahathir, at your age how long you will be in this mortal world ? 3, 5, 10 years ? You will probably able to remember vividly how life was says 3, 5, or 10 years ago it seems like yesterday. But you will also realised how fast time flies. Pls repent your sin before its too late. Hell is a very hot place to live !

  16. Pak la, if you have the guts ….. pls order AG to charge Tun for his racism remarks and put him in Kamunting. Once for all for you to remove your enemy !!!

    Good night lah pak la …… it is just my wonderful sweet dream !!!

    By the way. Sheikh thanks for telling the another truth. One Nation One Malaysian One Malaysia.

  17. Hi becakayu,

    Thank you for pointing out the mistake. I made a mistake there saying he was elected.

  18. just came in to give moral support,but want to leave a bits of comments,

    MAHATHIR-dont ever under estimate him.He always have the brain to turn and twist.

    mahathir-can be a dangerous to this beloved country if he manage to catch some big fish from umno.If this happen,then i am counting the doomsday for Malaysia. far mahathir only managed to catch some ikan bilis and i am not worried yet.

  19. A racist will always be a racist.Mahathir is Malaysia’s best known racist.True, he mooted the idea of Bangsa Malaysia.But, then he was taking us for a ride.Mahathir should just retire to Langkawi, keeping his racist views to himself.He should cease to destabilize AAB’s government.After all, he was given more than 22 years to govern…..a long period of time to put into practice his racial policies.Malaysia has lagged behind Singapore mainly because of his racial policies.Looking back we can safely say most of his policies are dismal failures!At least AAB is trying to carry out some kind of reforms…even though it is rather late in the day!

  20. Why PM is quiet, only he knows. Maybe there are more startling secrets if exposed could bring down BN forever. Thus I think PM is in a dilemma. The Mahatir era remnants are still in power in the present government. Mahatir is a hardcore RACIST. Some event during his childhood must have instill this hatred towards other races! He must be refered to a shrink!

    • reasonablyforeseeable
    • Posted May 25, 2008 at 1:34 pm
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    Hello, this comes from your neighbour down south, Singapore.

    Thanks for the piece, it puts many things in perspective for me. Over here, we sometimes wonder how on earth non-malays can bear to live in malaysia when the whole system is stacked against them. Having read this though, it seems like the whole race issue is more political ammo than anything else.

    And on a funny note, i wonder how Lee Kuan Yew is finding all this news about his former nemisis. Knowing old Harry, i think he probably is quietly smiling to himself.

  21. Hi

    Good to hear from Singapore, race politics in this country belongs to the politicians – the people do have differences but we do get along well.

  22. I am compelled to rebut what Tun Dr Mahathir said about unrest and political turmoil about to break out in Malaysia. It is utterly unfair, uncalled for and irresponsible of him to try to stoke racial tension in our dear country. Isn’t it enough that the country is undergoing changes and adjustment after the recent GE? He should have let the political system to stabilise with the changed landscape.

    The change is welcome by the electorate who knows very well that it is inevitable that the ruling party, BN, could not be allowed to monopolise the administration of the country the way it did for the past 50 years. Monopoly does indeed breed corruption, indolence, inefficiency, arrogance, nepotism, cronyism, unfairness, and all that is evil and negative. The rakyat ha dbeen taken for far too many rides, Malays Chinese, Indians, and other friends of ours.

    Perhaps Dr M has other ulterior motives apart from wanting D.S. Abdullah Badawi to step down and to push for Datuk Seri Najib or other candidates to go up. Only he knows what he really wants. Being a former PM does not give him an express licence to ask the present PM to step down. Only the electorate can do that, through the ballot box, and/or by extension, perhaps UMNO could do that, as they hold the right to vote for their president who would in turn be the next PM. That is Malaysian politics. Dr M indeed has no right whatsoever to do what he is doing. Wait for the next GE then vote your heart out!

    To play the racial card is even more irresponsible. Pls stop pitting the races against one another, Dr. We Malaysians, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazandusuns, Ibans, etc, etc, know our responsibilities to keep Malaysia a peaceful place.

    It is the those people who have lost in the election and thus losing their long held positions and financial goldmine who are grumbling. They could not accept that they are the outcast now. Being too comfortable for far too long, they are eating humble pies which they could not accept. It is their personal interest that they are after all this while, not exactly serving the rakyat. That’s why a lot of people are happy that the PR won over the five states and a big chunk of the national legislature. Let’s keep it that way folks.

    People of Malaysia, all of us….stand up against those who try try play dirty politics and wrongly advise and influencing us. What we want from the government, which we voted, is fairness, and undivided commitment to run the country in a responsible manner. Stop acting irrationally and stop the polemics and politicking. It’s time to get down to work. For the losers, don’t try to undermine the governemnt with dirty tactics. You had your ‘great’ time already, leave us alone.

  23. Mamk Mahathir,
    Do not go away before you get your punishments.
    You can try anything but you will and must get you indictments for all the evils you have done before you get your final heart attack and please take your little Mamaks along !!!

  24. TDM a real comparison to Mugabe. Thank God he is not the PM anymore. Badawi should stand up to Mahathir , instead of taking it on the chin all the time. The last election has given him the chance to do away with all the dead wood and hangers on. Do it now Badawi. Another thing, we are all Malaysians and not Chinese , Malays, Indians and other races. Freedom of press, religion, speech and abolished the ITA(internal security act).
    Stop having to many committees and more action. You even have committee for toilets. What a joke.

  25. Another advice, go home to Alor Star and retire, look after the buffaloes and plant more rice.

  26. ur must be thankfukl to ur previous administraion mean that in era of Tun , if ur party given a chance to lead a country, will u do like what Tun does especially in how to overcome the financial crisis especially in late 1997 /1998 ur must be thankful to god because live other race especially muslim and indeed get ablessing from allah

  27. TDM… your rule in Malaysia had been nothing but excellent. Now that you had step down, your dark sides surfaces not once, but repeatedly. You do not own Malaysia, the people does. You were elected to rule, not given the right to make demand changes, like removing Pak Lah. You have been a PM for many years, give Pak Lah a chance.

    UMNO is divided due in part to your major contribution of bickerings, alndering, etc Look at yourself in the mirror and take note of your age. Move into the shadows please, and let the course of history be made.

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