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Anwar says it again: We have the numbers

Anwar reiterates the claim that Pakatan Rakyat will take control of the federal government. What is new in the statement is that Dr Jeffrey Kitingan joins the fray by giving figures all the three groups viz Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia have equal numbers of candidates waiting to cross over. Is it confirmed then the actual crossing over will take place?

March 8 general elections caused a tsunami, what do we call the cross overs which will make Barisan Nasional an insignificant political group. Freedom Day for Malaysian economy. With all the in-fighting among the UMNOputras, the economy is being neglected, inflation is a killer for the average wage earner, the country is losing out in terms of economic development and a bleak future is predicted. Come December, UMNO elections will take place, and that is when most of the political squabbling may end and our UMNO leaders will get down to business. By then it may be late.

So for the people the Freedom Day Economics scheme will be an event to look for in anticipation. The people have only a certain tolerance to the squabbles which only involves the interests of individual personalities and their wants.



  1. actually the situation is not one of flux or confusion. The voice of the people is very clear indeed, as held out by the election result. Infact if elections are held again, BN will be out altogether. It is the people who are in denial who has used methods to try and confuse us. But the majority isn’t buying it.

  2. Mahatir is the real threat to Malaysians. He was responsible for the May 13 incident together with late Tun Abdul Razak(Najib’s father), Dato Harun and a few more. He is now trying his level best to create unrest in Malaysia by instigating racial sentiments.

    UMNO was posioned by Mahatir thus the biased rule and policies. It was never like that before Mahatir, but Mahatir single-handely ruined the MUHIBBAH spirit among the races.

    The coalition parties were merely puppets, only useful to gather the votes to form a government. It was UMNO who was running or rather “ruining” the nation.

    I would love to see a change in the ruling government.

  3. If the 12th GE were held in full fairness and free ,with the indelible ink,BN would be buried totally, the people of Malaysia have rejected the race based party. Another election,and BN is history.The Rakyat don’t buy thir crap stories anymore as they rely more on alternative news which are more accurate then the BN control mass-media false news. Goodbye BN and Welcome PR.!!!

  4. As Dr. M gets desperate by the day, he is now left with the racial card to play. His recent speech in Johor regarding the weak position of the Malays and the demands made by non-Malays are not helpful for a young nation like ours which is trying to become one truly united, progressive and corrupt-free nation.

    The process, in itself is difficult, frustrating and painful (to say the very least) and Dr. M had contributed much to the malaise that our country and our people are now trying to overcome.

    Tun Dr. M, please come to your good sense and accept the change that is currently sweeping through our nation.

  5. My salute to DATO SERI ANUAR IBRAHIM to be the next Prime minister. I am looking forward to see him as next Prime minister in malaysia and to lead the country with a good standing.

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