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There it is, something handed over in a silver or is it gold platter. The Wanita UMNO chief Rafidah becomes the first beneficiary of the tussle between Mahathir and Badawi. Not bad for one, who caused heads to be turned at the AP scandal and caused a lot of heart-aches for Badawi, who should have put his foot down to fight corruption by sacking this fat lady. Not bad for one who cried and broke her shoes when Mahathir resigned, and then treating him like he was never his boss. Not bad one who created so much ruckus for not being selected as Minister after the 16 page letter she wrote to Badawi, and now all that is forgotten, she fights for unity in the party. You can’t beat her wily way can you.

KOTA BAHARU, May 23, (Bernama) — Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz wants its members, who are the party backbone, to focus more on strengthening unity in Umno than on contesting for posts in the coming party elections.
She said this was especially so now when the party was going through a troubled period.
Therefore, she suggested that it would be good if there would be no contest for the posts of Wanita divisional head and vice-head throughout the country in October.
She said the suggestion was made in the interest of the party and unity among members and not because of fear for contest.
“At the national level, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (Wanita Umno vice-head) had stated that she would not contest for the Wanita top post. I hope the situation will be that.
“I am saying this not because I am afraid of competition. I had lost three times before in the contest for the post. But in the current situation, party unity is of prime importance.
“Remember, we are all in one ship. If we are always fighting, the ship will sink,” she said after meeting Kelantan Wanita Umno members with several of the movement’s national leaders and Kelantan Wanita Umno liaison chief Wan Hazani Wan Mohd Nor also present.
Rafidah said unity among the 1.3 Wanita Umno members must be preserved, especially in the aftermath of the March 8 general election.
She dismissed the possibility of Puteri Umno members who were absorbed into the Wanita wing, wanting to contest for posts, saying that they were mature enough to know what was best for the party right now.

Focus Less On Contest, More On Forging Party Unity – Rafidah ::


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