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Go on, let Samy Vellu be lifetime president of MIC

G.Krishnan’s letter in Malaysiakini is a must read for all Indians. I don’t blame S Murugesan, a central working committee member of MIC for his early letter, I suppose he had to say something praiseworthy of MIC and Samy Vellu. But his letter had too many loop-holes that can be pounced on and and at the same time make a mockery of his patronage that he wished to portray of his party and the President.

For many, within his party and outside, MIC is now a smothered flame, partially because Samy Vellu insisted it must not be lighted for the people to see the inside and because it is the tradition for the last 32 years, but now taking pains to douse off the flame once for all. Then who cares, if he becomes the lifetime President, his son Velpari takes over from him or any other person, they will just have a lifeless party in their hands.

I like the way G.Krishnan explains how the ordinary Indian reacts to MIC, and I quote:

So, go on and keep your stranglehold on power on your irrelevant MIC; ‘re-elect’ Samy Vellu as president again or hand-pick his stooge successor – either way, you won’t fool us. Despite our diminished status as Malaysians, we have our dignity. Whether it’s the cendol seller, the engineer, the social worker, the artist, the doctor, the taxi driver, the small businessman, the student, the rojak seller, the business executive, the lorry driver, or any other Indian Malaysian who strives to make it against the odds, against the barriers your president’s MIC have helped put in our way, we will persevere with a renewed sense of purpose, through a non-race-based politics, to reclaim our place in Malaysian society with all the accompanying rights, privileges and responsibilities. No thanks to your MIC president though, Murugesan.



  1. There is nothing that Samy can do now,MIC is dead and gone. No point in rebranding the party or coming up with new logo or uniforms, it can’t change the hardship the Indians have gone through all these years under BN rule. MIC was dead on 8th March 2008,no need to awake the party ,let it sleep on.
    The Indians has been neglected and left to be suppress and manipulated by the BN regime. No one defended them, Samy and his MIC cronies did not lift a finger to assist them,when Hindraf came along and fought for the Indians rights,they were term as terrorist and arrested under ISA. The 5 warriors are the Indian heros.Let Samy hold on to the MIC chair till he dies ( which he has).

  2. why keeps on talking about Datuk Seri Dr. S. Samy Velu. why do we want spend time to ‘kill’ a dead snake…..

  3. Well, i would agree that MIC did not perform to the indian communities expection neither they have also helped those grassroot mic members too. We indian communities didn’t ask them to provide us direct fund from them but only ask them to look into some welfare problems of indian communities.
    Anyway its too late now to recover because all the Mic branch n bahagain leaders are in deathwood condition whereby none of them highlighted some real indians problem to MIC or the government. Otherwise we do not need
    5 sincere person to be in jail. As far as indian community is concern they need an alternative government to look into their welfare thats all. So y the big hoo haa now, well i would suggest that rebranding or reforms will not do any good for the community, unless u get real people of service oriented to look into indian communities problem.

    Mic, have many lose areas such as a bahagian leader makes a decision on opening new brances within the family circle to be at helm for next few terms as bahagian chairman even though he is deathwood. This has created alot of
    dissatisfaction n we cant cultivate a good leader.

  4. Hi Mave Krishnan,

    I always want to do that. Cannot be a hero killing a dead snake, but unfortunately issues come up from the dead snake or his supporters, and forgetting earlier promises, you are tempted to say your piece.

  5. Agreed with you Aarvidi, this snake does not want to die thinking its a cat with nine lives!!. We just can’t buy a C4 from the shop to terminate him . He still bring up issues and its only pratical to say whats is in our mind.

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