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Mahathirism rules the Malaysian blog sphere now, it is Mahathir everywhere, and for a change, I wish to share with you what I read in a blog from India. Yes it is about Missile Mommy, though I would prefer Missile Lady or “Agniputeri” a more dignified moniker.

Dr Tessy Thomas hails from Kerala and in her own words “she is a scientist and not a woman” With that she is on par with her male counterparts. Congratulations Tessy. So women, have you been brushed off by some chauvinistic male, because of your gender, take heart nothing is impossible when you set your heart to do it. Asian women are good or even better than European women. This is satisfying.

Talking of Kerala in India, this state has the highest literacy rate compared with other states. The figures are:

  • Total Literacy Rate : 90.9 %
  • Male: 94.2 %
  • Female: 87.7 %

A note of interest. Have you talked with Malayalees who still have families or roots in Kerala. Their language has got a distinct Indian flavour but did you notice their passion when it comes to politics. They are steadfast in their believe of political freedom.

We have had Makkal Sakthi, and now it is Mahalir Sakti. (woman power)

In the Persons of interest category , we have India’s Missile Mommy.

India’s Agni -III missile project, has a woman in the position of Associate Project Director.

Dr. Tessy Thomas.

Source: India Today

The story of Dr. Tessy Thomas, a 45 year old from Kerala who has been given the monikers of “Agniputri” and the “Missile Woman”. And in here she quotes,

Here, I am considered as a scientist and not a woman. But it has to be taken into account that the job with DRDO [Defence research and Development Organization] comes with a responsibility; it is for one who can understand the criticality of the work,[…]

Read more here – Link

POI – Missile Mommy « Browsekid



  1. What you don’t know is that kerala is a failed state. Rule by communists, it has no job, there is net migration outside and the state is supported by funds from overseas.

    Kerala also has the worst case of suicides amongst Hindus, poverty, unemployement, and disrespect and denigration shown towards by the hindu religion by the atheists marxists. It is also number one in violence and hooliganism.

    If you google you will find out. There is no worthy industrilization. Even rice the fields are fallow, and they have to import from other states.

    In a nutshell there is nothing to be proud of kerala.

  2. Hi Venka,

    I am a bit surprised by this. But then, I know very little of Kerala in respect of the issues raised.

    Any comments from others?

  3. Net migration is not surprising as kerala has 3 times the population density of any other state in India. Lack of opportunities and jobs are a real issue. That should have led any other state to anarchy. But Kerala has the highest living standards (number of pucca houses, rooms per house, condition of houses), the highest levels of education, a life expectancy that matches North America, a rich culture and a vibrant entertainement industry, cleanliness that is unmatched in India and stunning natural beauty. It is by far the best place to live in India. Out of the top ten best cities in India, five are from Kerala, which means almost all the cities that are in Kerala rank in the top ten. Yes, it has problems and they need to be solved. Specifically the communists will have to shed their baggage and change with the times. But it still is a great place.

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