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Who are the protagonist in this tussle between Mahathir and Badawi, and what will happen to UMNO. There are 4 parties involved:

  • Mahathir who resigned from UMNO yesterday and who called on other members to follow suit until such times Badawi removes himself or is removed. His call was heeded by Sanusi Junid and the Merbok division of the party. Even Mukhriz, Mahathir’s son has not indicated his position and Malaysiakini says he will be making a statement later in the day.
  • Badawi, who insists on leading the party and government. Surprisingly at a meeting with all UMNO MPs this afternoon he only spoke for 5 minutes on Mahathir’s resignation. He appears confident and all MPs have reiterated their support for him.
  • Najib, though not at the meeting chaired by Badawi, he is in Egypt, is the 3rd protagonist by virtue of his position as the Deputy and the man Mahathir wants to succeed Badawi. From Egypt he says he will meet up with Mahathir and discuss the resignation.
  • UMNO itself. Will there be another new UMNO.

For over 2 years Mahathir has been criticising Badawi, saying the later is not competent, handing over the mantle to Badawi was a mistake, Badawi should resign and hand over the reigns to Najib etc. He is not happy with Badawi at all. But this sudden flurry to resign from UMNO and calling on others to follow him is something new. The rumour is it is all to do with the V.K.Lingam tape. Just a couple of days ago Mahathir was willing to go to court to reveal more damaging information on other judges as well. Has this has anything to do with the other news that the tape was leaked by Badawi and Najib to Anwar to pin down Mahathir. At the earlier days when the inquiry was in progress, there was no indication the people mentioned by V.K.Lingam would be hauled up at the way the inquiry was conducted in a flippant manner. At times the members of the inquiry were taking pains to stop cross-examining of witnesses and the public was of the opinion the inquiry was a waste of time and all would go free. Though Mahathir was willing to testify in court, did the information that Badawi and Najib were plotting against him make him change his mind and he wanted a quick solution to be found for Badawi by resigning from UMNO.

Secondly Gani Patel is to do the prosecution. He is an ally of Mahathir from the days of Anwar, maybe Mahathir feels the AG is now forced to act on the recommendations and Mahathir may suffer embarrassment. What Mahathir may intend to do was to being down Badawi and then with Najib hope that the AG will be in favour to say the evidence is not enough. Hard to say.

For the details of the afternoon meeting of Badawi with the UMNO MPs read Malaysiakini.



  1. get some excitement aarvidi,

    lets forgets this moron based party and the amnesia guy.

    forget them,dont give them the review.let them die natural death.
    Only msn new will carry their master view to hot up racial issue.

    You have the talents in writing and ideas but somewhere somehow people are not noticing your blogs.please do some reseach.

    i have some ideas but live my ideas for a while until you find one.

    goodday.rajraman666.calling the day off.goodnight.

  2. Hi raj raman 666,

    The blog is new, give it time.

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