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This is from a blogger friend A.Nambi from his blog Nanuvugal on the plight of young Mohaneswary of Batu Caves. Well, kind souls out there, please do what can be done. Thanks.

Mohaneswary is awaiting corrective surgery on her legs at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya on May 22.

This is not her first experience but her sixth painful and hopeful one; she had underwent five such operations previously.

The young school student has no other choice but to bear the misery for she was born with defective legs.

It was fortunate for her and her poor parents that PPUM is taking over the cost of the surgery but their problems do not end with this good gesture.

Mohaneswary has to be in bed three to six months after the surgery; she needs diapers as she will be unable to go to toilet. Beside this expense, her parents need more money to get her vitamin supplements and nutritous food.

Her mother, Mrs Josephin, earns only RM 500 a month; her diabetic father earns a mere RM 300 to RM400. They have three more school-going children.

Mohaneswary and her desperate parents needs our help to ease their burden.

If you wish to contribute either monetary or in the form of adult diapers , you can either meet them directly at their house located at No. 12-2B, Jalan PS/5, Taman Prima Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor or bank in to their account number: 112157034180 (Maybank)

For further details or verification you may call Mrs. Josephin at 016-3349032 (you may mention the source of your info:


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  1. Thank you for publishing Mohaneswary’s plight. The whole family depend on our society.

  2. going throu some of your/review and get this message.

    well be check it out soon after this donation drive slowdown.
    if its true they really poor i will be there.

    rajraman666,dont think the devil no heart.will be kept in my pda as favaurite.

  3. Thank you raj raman 666

  4. just to let you know i didnt fullfill the promise yet.
    will fullfill my promised this month by sending someone to check out if they are ok or still in need.

    I never donate direct or anyone seen me as the donor.

    rajraman.always comes in last minute if there r in need.
    rajraman.its not a brandname.
    never use cronies for my sucess
    so i dont need any publicity.
    There are thousands rajraman.This my real name.

  5. Hi rajraman,

    Welcome back. Didn’t see your comments for some time.

  6. I have something on personally and some dreams for poor people.I can throw some pennies of mine but doesnt even cause a ripples.

    I am attacking one famous bloggers to create a fund for poor throu bloggers.If rpk can collect 70k in 8 hrs,why the bloggers cant set up the fund for the poor?

    So far people think i am a clown in his blogs.lets it be.
    But without they realised i had hijack 2 major topics.
    Another blog i gave different perception of me.

    Thats why i call rajraman666.I am the devil for some people.
    rajraman.cunning,stuck up,rude but …… always tell the truth like an angel.(my latest 5days old car no still carry the digit 66?6 and its black like me)

    rajraman. take care whoever u r (male/female)
    talk is cheap,write is cheap but fulfill someone dream is not cheap.I have gone throu that in my life.

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