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Come on Syariah High Court judge Shaikh Ahmad Ismail Hakim, don’t make yourself a comedian and a laughing stock. Are you going to question each of his 3 wives how virile he is, how often etc, and thereby intruding into the privacy of their married life. You either say yes or no based on the facts you know, rather than playing detective on the sex prowess of Mohamed Nor, which you should know is never constant.

Mohamed Nor Awang who plans to take a fourth wife, may just have to wait longer.

Despite the lorry driver filing an additional affidavit on his affordability to take yet another wife today, Syariah High Court judge Shaikh Ahmad Ismail Hakim is not convinced.

Instead, the court postponed the decision on Mohamed Nor’s application to June 5, to give him the opportunity to produce witnesses and documents to back his claims on his financial and physical ability.

In his affidavit, Mohamed Nor, 57, said he could afford to take a fourth wife although his salary was only RM1,500 a month, as he earned another RM2,000 from part-time jobs in transporting scrap rubber and repairing vehicles.

He said his first wife, Wan Rukiah Mat Yusof, 52, earned some money from a 0.8ha oil palm smallholding while his third wife Noraini Daud, 40, also owned a 2.4ha rubber smallholding.

“I have provided a piece of land, a house, and RM700 a month for them, and a motorcycle to enable them to take and fetch the children from schools,” he said.

Mohamed Nor said that 10 of 18 children from his three wives, including from his second wife, Kalthom Dollah, 39, were still schooling.

The New Straits Times Online……



  1. for the fun off comments after getting some bad news regarding mahathir and close my mind for today about politics.

    The one i have also cant mantained with income more than 300k,i will be mad to have the second.this guy with 18k per annum i think rearing toyol to support the 3rd and coming fourth or he is umnoputra proxy.

    rajraman666.goodnight malaysia.

  2. Hi raj raman 666

    I feel sorry for the fella, the syariah judge is against him having his fun.

  3. so,
    this issue i comments for fun but i going to ask you,

    1.are you as potray in your blogs as u? (because woman always dont share their man with others woman including their mother in laws)

    And you are pitty this fun guy.

    Sorry,when i touch or comments i do follow up like the devil999.Now i wondering whether u are man or woman.

    anyway its doesnt matter for me to blogs to your site whether you are man or woman.just need to know only.

    pls tell the truth.

  4. Hi raj raman 666,

    This animosity between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, is changing. I see these groups getting along well in the present day living. It has got nothing to do with sharing but possessiveness, anyway.

    My post
    refers to two Indian ladies who are writers. I don’t write like them and from that you can find the answer to your question.

  5. well,i dont understand what u mean.
    or i am on denial mode.

    pls anwser directly to my question.its not a big issue for me whether u accept or not but i dont like to be refer to another blogs.

    raj raman666.always point blank or this chapter we can close by not replying.

  6. raj raman 666,

    I still say I have replied to your question. Any reference to another posting is for you to see, the different ways of writing based on gender.

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