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There were high expectations that Zaid Ibrahim will be a different breed of politician. Actions by him outside the government, and as a new broom when he was appointed as a Senator; his statements and comments were intelligent and worthy. Now that he has warmed the seat long enough, and learned the trade he is becoming just another politician, advising people what is correct without a thought if such statements will pass the test of correctness.

What is he talking news not digested by the people, what is there to digest when a Commission of inquiry releases its report and the recommendations. What is there to hide. It is an open secret, and the only surprising outcome of the recommendations is the righteousness of the committee to report the true facts and not garbled rubbish absolving the participants from blame. I think the people are wise enough to digest this type of report. Zaid need not worry.

Was his utterance a balanced statement. The people lack digestive juice, but what about the person/persons who leaked out the recommendations. Forget about the people who made the report, does Zaid think it is only the newspapers and online newspapers who are at fault. You don’t clap hands using one hand, similarly there must be this other party to complete the action.

Politicians are people who couch their statement in diplomatic terms – neither hot or cold and the people will have to chose one. But your statement is blatant gibberish in that it is not a statement at all, if you did not quote the whole picture. This is the malady of our politicians now, who imagine the people are half-baked, which they are not, and in future please think before you speak. Digestion and diplomacy are incompatible.

I can go on, unnecessary unease, misinterpretion, they are the trade marks of politicians who think they are politic but earn a good chuckle from the public. Please don’t fall into this trap.

KOTA BARU: The Federal Government has to control leakages of sensitive information because it can lead to unnecessary unease among the public if the information is released prematurely or if it becomes misinterpreted.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said nowadays there are a considerable level of leakages and the Government is concerned and there is need for tighter control.

“It is the practice of any responsible Government. There is some information that is not ready to be digested by the public ,” he said after opening the National Banks Employees Union (NUBE) sports carnival at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia here Saturday.

On the lodging of police reports against newspapers for publishing the Royal Commission of Inquiry Report on the V.K. Lingam video clip before it was made public, he said: “I am not the person who asked for a police report to be lodged. The media should refer to the rightful parties.”

Zaid said the parties who lodged the report had perhaps felt an offence was committed.

“It was not my idea. Before anyone can lodge a report, he must have a valid reason. Anyhow, the police must study the matter before they can determine if there is basis for an investigation to be conducted.”

The media should not worry if they feel no offence was committed.

On the price of the report, Zaid said the Inquiry’s recommendation only costs RM160 while the full report, which include the evidence, is priced at RM541.60, which is based on printing costs.

The question of reaping a profit does not arise, Zaid said.

To a question that Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had called for the Malay Rulers to step forward and explain the basis of Malay supremacy in the Federal Consititution, Zaid said there now exist various interpretations of race supremacy.

“Whatever it is, people must respect the Constitution.”

Zaid said he would advise anybody engaged in such debates or polemics to refer to the Federal Constitution.

“We must respect the laws of the land. If we reject it then the country would be unsafe. The laws are there for reference.”

Anybody can demand their rights but use the constitution as a guide, Zaid said, adding that the rights of everyone including Malays, Chinese and Indians are enshrined in the constitution.

Zaid: Information leaks can lead to public unease


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