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Imagine the cabinet, a group of senior ministers, including the Prime Minister and his Deputy had made the dastardly decision to deprive the voters of using the indelible ink and also telling a white lie. They have acted against the people and country and should rightly apologise to the nation. In fairness, the amount of RM2.4 million should be collected from all the members who were present at the cabinet meeting.

The cabinet also made mince meat of the Police, unless of course the Police were told by the Cabinet the decision was theirs.

The victim was Rashid the Election Commission chairman, and he bore the insults and curses of the people. The cabinet should also apologise to him.

Not only that, the whole world is going to be amused that such a decision was made and the way it was camouflaged to say the exercise could not be carried out because of intended sabotage. Where is the integrity and trust of the government. How many more of cases of this nature are lurking behind the decisions of the cabinet. The dignity of the cabinet is sullied.

Lies and more lies all along.

Source: Malaysiakini



  1. What shall i comment in regards of this !! BN is really sick !! can’t be cured anymore !! These bas#$%^, Fu@#%$ are the enemy of state. !!

  2. There’s no cabinet after dissolving of Parliament. Call the names or make it simpler – UMNO in collusion with the police mysterious arrest -yet to be charged suspects; and Election Commission chairman. Never mind what they endured the decision was his too. They cheated the people embarrassed and humiliate the country abroad and the showed no remorse.
    Their act was criminal and there’s where people should be cuing up to file police reports. Intel had warned of an impending defeat.

  3. I pity Rashid. BN is extremely dirty to the extent even Almighty God is disgusted with them.SPR need to be independent. They have been cheating the rakyat by controlling the SPR, had it not BN would have lost long time ago. Anyway, God is fair and righteous and did not allow them to win convincingly. They deserved it. BN is not relevant anymore. The whole system is corrupt beyond understanding. You are right to say no cure. So many corrupt leaders, whether judges, like Augustine Paul, the AG, politicians and top government official need to be removed.I have lost confident wit these people. God will judge them when the time is right. I cannot judge them. God knows. What man sow, he will reap. There will be no escape for these peoples.

  4. If the decision of the b@#$%^&t cabinet is not seditious then what is sedition? They should all be hanged for cheating the Agong, who is head of the Nation and all people of Malaysia

  5. where is the proof that the 48,000 bottles costing $2.4 million was purchased in the first place? if they can tell 1 big lie, they can tell many more!

    my feeling is that the ink was not ordered ir received too late, and this is a cover up.

    we should petition the Auditor General to issue and issue a confirmation certificate.

  6. When he said Cabinet decided a few days prior to 8 Mar 08……… Did the Cabinet existed then…I thought the cabinet was disolved in Feb 08?

  7. Morons always a moron.
    no more ink in my pen to comments further.


  8. Surprise, surprise.. now this scumbag is spilling the beans..
    whats his motivation? whats his agenda. He has held steadfast to his ground.. until now..

    Now, the whole world knows the EC and this Shit is not independent. He had maintained all along otherwise..

    why this sudden U-turn? if it is his conscience pricking him, the fear of hell, then lets hear what other “suggestions” he had acted on. what about delineation of the constituencies, phantom voters, registraion of voters, etc.etc.

    Are these enough reasons to negate the last general elections?? Should the election results be declared null and void,and we have fresh elections?? Yes. Then this time we can completely vote out the BN.. no need for party hopping to get a new government. Lets have fresh elections to kick out the BN once and for all, at all levels. Federal and State!!

    Lets do it NOW

  9. All what has happened to BN is just right! Infact, they should loose all of their seats just llike Gerakan. Only then they will feel the pain. For now, they are still in power. They are no more than liars and there are more lies yet to be uncovered.

    Think of what would happened if they were to loose the election? One of the problem with Malaysia is that once a person received their Datuk ship, it is as thought it cannot be revoked even if he/she commited a crime. All of these titles should be made revokeable when they are found guilty of crimes.

  10. Thank goodness only now we can see how rotten the political establishment is. It has a lot to do with Dr. Mahathir’s old corrupt political structure. Badawi just inherited a bad situation and what made it worst is that it cannot easily be dismantled without huge political struggle within UMNO.

    The recent political Tsunami that swept BN, is the only saving grace for Malaysia. I can tell you that I am breathing fresh now that Malaysians are starting to wake up. We hold the power not the politicians! They work for us not the other way around!!

    Under Dr. Mahathir’s rule, most people dare not question the government without having to worry being placed under ISA. Recall how Dr. Mahathir took care of his political foes too. It embarrassing to hear how Malaysia can remove the deputy PM and subject him to all of the homosexual allegations and drag this case through court proceedings. Behold! now Dr. Mahathir is challenging to govt to investigate him and his crooks. What arrogance! The AG should just do it !!!

  11. The practise of “resignation” should be adopted by reputable people
    in Malaysia. If Rashid the EC Chairman acknowledges that he is being wronged
    by the Cabinet he should have submitted his resignation to the King, but many
    including Rashid do not do the right thing because of the benefits derived from the Government. What a shame! For many money over rides even their

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