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Mahathir welcomed the investigation of the allegations against him. He says he wants expose more conflicts faced by the judges. I remember the evidence he gave at the inquiry and basically his statements were:

  • he could not remember or recall things
  • he reiterated he did not have to tell anyone, why he made the decisions

Now he wants to be charged so that he can spill the beans. It is hard to believe he has regained his memory, once it is established he has got a case to answer. He should have been more helpful at the onset to reveal things which he alone knows.

He now says he has been implicated in the case, but why was this not mentioned at the inquiry.

We have to wait for Gani Patel to decide whether he would be charged.

Source: Malaysiakini



  1. hi,

    i just trying to forget the senile old man,suddenly the old man gets back his memories.
    expect this case will be expose by gani? 4get it.Its another wayang kulit by umno.

    rajraman666.I think the demon999 more honest than this religious umno mask.


  2. Tun Snake

  3. It’s all politic…mah!!!

  4. Back in court he will become senile again……nyanyok dak orang tua niiii…!!!

  5. Yes, this is one of the rare occasions I agreed with Mahathir. Govt should charge him in court. The rakyat deserves to know the truth. Also, I would like to see Mahathir with a black eye. Yes, I would like to hear fabricated stories to send Mahathir to jail. And , please have Augustine Paul as the sitting judge. The same police officer named Musa Hassan (the one who was so loyal to him) should also be called as police investigating officer. After 6 years in jail and served the time bar, he may want to run for election, probably GE15, if he live long enough. Then we will have headline – “From PM to jailbird to oldest MP”. This should help Wong Chun Wai sell some papers.

  6. Mahathir has found his memory:

    Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he would not settle for less than his day in court so that he could defend himself against allegations he was at the centre of a judicial appointments scandal in 2001.

    He hoped that when investigations into the conspiracy were completed, which also involved a lawyer, a tycoon and a former minister, he would be charged.

    Dr Mahathir said he would then reveal what really went on behind the scenes at the time, including instances of judges lobbying him for promotions.

    Or he lied before the Royal Commission. On that alone there`s ground to prosecute him.

  7. Tun have dissappointed us again! What happen to him?

  8. Please see recent article in chedet dot com. about ketuanan melayu.

    It hurts our feelings of the Non-Malay……SAD after merdekaan for 50years of Independence.

  9. to,


    I love to read and pass comment but i love Malaysia and the Malays more than this fews mamak , indonesian khir toyo and ketuanan melayu blogs.
    Their blogs carries alot of racist remark and religion quote but dont practice as muslim should be.

    I reads once in Ali rustam and Khir toyo blog.i am not going again to read their blogs expecially this che det who sold is dna and i as indian malaysian label as terrorist.

    rajraman666.The demon999 also will cry for justice if read this moron blogs.

  10. What a farce drag the rascals and hang them high for making a mockery of the judiciary and take no prisoners//////////////

  11. Tun will play racial politics again as usual to creat fear amongst the Malays and between races in Malaysia.

    He will claim that the jews are using AAB and UMNO to screw Malaysia. He will say this is the Americans agenda to see the fall of Malaysia.

    Then he will play the racist card. He will say non Malays are taking over the country and Malays are losing political clout. Then he will say non Muslims are questioning Islam bcos AAB is weak. He will try every dirty trick in the book to fool the Malays.

    In fact Mahathir has fooled the Malays all along using his tricks. From the start he has fooled them that he too is a Malay like the rest of them………..

  12. The evergreen Bulbir Singh wrote in The Star today that Mahathir is “an upright and smart man”. Hasn’t old Bulbir been reading the news lately? I wonder whether he reads Malaysiakini or any of the Blogs.

    I just can’t understand this guy Bulbir. Doesn’t he realize that his views of wisdom is actually been spun by the BN/Umno spin doctors of the MSM to make it look like what Bulbir says represents the views of the so-called silent majority?

    How can he call someone like Mahathir as “upright and smart’? The sad thing about all this is that there are people like Bulbir out there who have been voting for donkey years for a corrupt regime like the BN/Umno regime to power. People like Bulbir live in a Utopian world where the BN/Umno regime is mandated by Heaven to rule. He does not see the evil that we see in BN/Umno and its’ leaders.

    Bulbir will be quick to condemn anyone who opposes the BN/Umno regime. Dear Bulbir, for someone who is in his twilight years, please open your eyes and stop allowing yourself to be used as a propaganda tool by the BN/Umno controlled MSM. The person you praised as “upright and smart” actually believes he is living in 1969 by playing the race card to instill fear in the Malays. Mahathir is instigating the Malays that they are loosing their power and rights to the non-Malays. Is this what you call an “upright and smart person” dear old Bulbir?

    If there is anyone out there who is reading this and knows how to get in touch of Bulbir Singh, please enlighten the old fool lest he wants to be cursed by 27 million Malaysians. Bulbir, what you need in your old age is prayers not curses. Please stop this crap and go spend quality time with your grandchildren.

  13. AAB should take this basterd challange, take him to court and charge him.
    what is he trying to do going around telling the malays that they will lose out to the chinese and the Indian, it was him who made the the malay became a beggar in their own country. To me this what the punishment that Allah promise to a munafiqkoon. he is scared shitless,he knew that his time is running out so what now? go around to arouse the malay for their support,
    Hey Mahatir orang Melayu mudah lupa.Engkau lupa ka yang engkau lah manusia yang membawa kemiskinan kepada orang melayu selama 22 tahun.

  14. When i was in malaysia i never failed to read bulbir’s articles.After coming down under i lost touch.What’s happening to bulbir?Where has his wisdom gone?

    BULBIR could you enlighten us as to what you saw in the racist mahathir,that prompted you to say he is an ‘upright and smart’man?He made people like me so frustrated and instilled in us a sense of ‘not being wanted’ that we eventually had to migrate for our children’s future.He is the epitome of racism,architect of the destruction of our beloved malaysia’s socia fabric,a rapist of the judiciary and the list goes on.

    Can any one of my fellow malaysians be able to give me bulbir’s contact details,i shall appreciate that.

  15. Dr. Mahathir has found out a long time ago that great Fortunes & Power is gained when one plays the ‘RACE CARD’.
    He has done very well for himself & his famliy -he has hoodwinked the Malays and himself that he is malay-when in fact an Indian muslim-mamak.
    The Judiciary corrupted by him during his PM ship now needs to find the Truth
    and restore confidence by investigating his role in all this corrupt practices!.

  16. Mamak Mahathir,
    You do not have to pretend to ask you are going to be charged.! You will be charged not just for this but for many other evils deeds you did during your time as P.M..
    This is only just the beginning wait till Anwar becomes the P.M. just you watch, just you watch and you will also get the a couple of slaps to get the bad back and the black eye. I pray and hope that will after you get your just desert beafter you get your next heart attack !!!

  17. Aarvidi,

    3 matters i going to bring up here in your blogs.Please do reply if u think its worth for u to comments.

    1.Is the umno is satan999/ the satan999 is umno-because the always play the racial card.By saying not supporting them indirectly they punishing us.

    2. i noticed the side color banner is consistent whenever i comments in your blogs,anil,sloone and haris.Is there any kind of tagging the bloggers? i ask haris-he said its might be the wordpress software. whats your comments abouts this tagging of comments with hourglass.
    i dont accept when the blogs owner say its “might be the software”.YOu as the owner of the blogs should know whats this banner for.

    3.Why the indian actually very sucessfull in early parts of Malaysia formation but still lagging behind.We the indian are real good in brain (famous doctors,accountant,lawyers and the least chief clerk) in early years not able/refuse to to support the indians like the chinese.The chinese are businessman ( they slogs and deserve) but the indian his proffesional and also very didicated.whats wents wrong in between-The rich indian with right connection and education fails to support their community like the chinese?

    Rajraman666.finally who do we blame for indian dillemaumno>mic>or the professional indian use the uneducated indians as their coolies and i dont blame the chinese if they dont give any job to indian because they take care their community.

    Only in this part of Malaysia the indian diaspora is fail,but even in hong kong we the indian are sucessfull.

  18. Hi raj raman 666

    You have been very helpful in commenting on my postings, and I am very happy to reciprocate to your questions.

    Out of curiosity why is raj raman 666 the devil’s number? If it is personal and does not denote the evil one, I can understand.

    UMNO has successfully played the racial card for a long time and it is their trade mark to gain support from the Malays and frighten others. But this myth is no more after March 8. What Mahathir is doing now is pure vendetta against Badawi, I don’t think any sane person is paying much attention now – of course there will be beneficiaries who still think race is vital but the impact is very much less now. I would not stoop that low to call them satan 999, suffice to say they are political opportunists using the easy method of race politics.

    You have got me here. This blog-roll business is as far I am concerned, blogs I normally read and the only benefit is that when I surf the blog of the people mentioned therein their blog contents are seen. I should find out more about this.

    This difference between the Chinese and Indians, when it comes to helping one another of their kind is always there. Is this because of cultural design, I am unable to say. Just for information, before the advent of banks and financial institutions in this country, the Chettiar community acted as financiers and I know in Ipoh quite a number landed property belonged to them. The Chettiars affected by the Burma excesses after World War II where they lost everything, did not want the same thing to happen to them in this country. They sold the property not wanting to be caught napping again. I hope the present day Indians will consider to help one another to benefit the community as a whole.

    The bashing of MIC for the shortcomings of Indians in this country is fashion now, and though I agree the party shares a major responsibility, the Indians themselves are not absolved from blame. Not all Chinese are successful because of MCA help.

  19. Thanks for your reply,

    i am call raj raman.i add the 666 because all my car numbers will start with digit 6 and ending with 6.I am not the devil worshipper/neither i believe in god.The reason is i have some points to be noted by haris ibrahim and i focus on certain issue i will follows up like the devil999.

    There is a theory i brought up yesterday regarding TUN and umno.Pls refer to haris blogs about the ink issue(I am bit senile when comes to remember title of books and names due to my habit of reading to many books/news but my writing skill beyond hopeless)

    If the theory of mine and my friends which is on high mood of nicotine cum coffee is correct,we are the malaysian in real trouble and today its a breaking news that TUN fired the first salvo.
    (the theory of mine/friends is not be put aside because i am nobody but my groups of friends are somebody well connected internasionally and locally althou not politically).I was invited just because i goes againts odds with whoever unless the session become like mr.4th floor i pull out).

    Somewhere between my comments regarding the banner sign i mention why i blogs to your blogs to haris.
    the comments about u is just kidding. each blogs i have a multiple personality but if whoever can read between the lines i am the one.(666 doesnt represent the devil but 999 is represent the devil in us.)

  20. Please do follow up about the tagging,its very curious for me as a nomad in IT.i dont even use email for my business until few months ago my hp seller created my id in hotmail.

    why this tagging for-me the hourglass-its tags find and hit the target because i obsses of time management.

    raj raman-the one.

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