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This is the million dollar question. Will Ghani Patel do a good job? After all the evidences are found in the Royal Commission report. I hope the AG acts promptly, and results can be seen. The case of JJ, nothing is known yet.

Sedition Act 1948 ! Prevention of Corruption 1961 ! Legal Profession Act 1976 ! Official Secrets Act 1972 ! Penal Code ! Mahathir Mohamad and friends may be charged in court !

Jail ? Jail ? jail ? Fine ? Fine ? Fine ? Former chief justices Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim ! Eusoff Chin ! Senior lawyer VK Lingam ! Former minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (All bloggers are jobless and lying women) ! Business tycoon Vincent Tan (of the setting SUN) !

Serve you all right for your “insidious movement” to involve your (not so good) selves in the appointment of judges, especially the appointment of Ahmad Fairuz as President of the Court of Appeal and later Chief Justice.

Yahoo ! Malu ! Malu ! Malu ! Shame ! Shame ! Shame !

But wait a minute…will anything come out of the 191-page Lingamgate report, released by the government today? Fat hopes ! As I read the news … gone are my high hopes …

“The report is advisory in nature so (the AG) will have to investigate them later” (Law minister Zaid Ibrahim).

It sounds just like previous SUHAKAM (National Human Rights Commission) reports which never saw the light of day. They were never raised or debated in Parliament, nor were they ever paid heed to by the government, rendering the human rights body a ‘toothless tiger”. But we never meant to give them “teeth”, said the government.

Then came another blow … guess who is the AG (who has to investigate the matter) ? Lawyer Haris Ibrahim echoed my exact sentiments when he said…“Good Lord, no!” – coz it’s the notorious Abdul Gani Patail !

This chief legal officer of the government, with no evidence, had a hand in denying us the use of indelible ink at the last elections.This same officer was also seemingly eager to find at the earliest that there was no wrongdoing disclosed in the Lingam video! He was probably all in favour of a NFA ( no further action )!And he’s to now investigate Dr M and the others implicated!

His notoriety is known in other cases, for example, the Altantuya’s case and alleged corruption of ministers and police force:

And on July 27, Attorney General Abdul Gani simultaneously absolved both the Inspector General of Police and the former Director General of the Anti-Corruption Agency of spectacular corruption charges just two weeks after he had done the same for the deputy minister of internal security, the cabinet member in charge of the police force. These cases have kicked off a firestorm in Malaysian cyberspace, with bloggers scornfully charging that the judicial system is corrupt (Asia Sentinel: Rot and More Rot in Malaysia’s Judicial System).

In fact the man’s reputation goes back as far as the controversial Anwar Ibrahim trials:

Abdul Gani Patail is today tapped as Malaysia’s top legal officer. The legal fraternity, and the rest of the country, cannot but be flabbergasted by this astounding appointment.

This is, after all, the man – who as chief prosecutor in former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim’s trials – was unable to get the dates of the alleged sodomy acts right, not once but twice. This is the man who was responsible for parading the infamous semen-stained mattress during the court hearings (Steven Gan).

Need I say more?

Justice itself has fallen victim with this appointment (of Gani as Attorney General). Whatever hope there may have been for change has been brutally reversed. Sadly, it is back to the bad old days. This appointment has starkly emphasised the government’s complete contempt for public opinion and for our shared values in the notion of fairness and justice.

Aliran President P Ramakrishnan may have said this in November 2001, but how it still rings true until today.

Should we give the AG and the royal commission Lingam report a chance? You tell me !

* * * * * * *

Brief background of the controversial Lingam Tape case which saw

the integrity of the Malaysian judiciary go down the drain, 20 years ago until today …

Gani to investigate Mahathir et al? Come on! « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *


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  1. Next time we can investigate Gani Pathil(misuse of power).Pak Lah (oil for food),nazri( Taxi licence),najib(Alantuya and Submarine Commision),Samy Vellu(misuse of power-contract commision) and all the cabinet minister,Menteri Besar, exco and so and so…

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