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Samy Vellu gets flabbergasted when anybody questions the financial activities of MIC. Let it be Maika Holdings, Telecom Shares or Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (Aimst) University, the financial balance sheets are the property of the President, which he keeps close to his chest. I am surprised Jumbo Maniam with his experience and understanding of his boss, dare raise a question on finances. For this he has been expelled from the party. If anyone out there thinks MIC is run like any other political organisation you are in for a surprise. Jumbo Maniam was asked why he had questioned the accounts, and whether he did provide an answer, I am not sure, but the efficient MIC administrators presented Jumbo Maniam with a letter that he is sacked. Poor Jumbo Maniam. How can he be so naive and ignorant, does he not know, how the monarch of MIC acts. Would it not be easier to change the name to Monarchy Of MIC and crown Samy Vellu as the King, not that he doesn’t do that now, but the least it can be made official.

Nijhar the former MP for Subang, is not known for his outbursts in public, he is a true-blooded Samy Vellu’s supporter, but what I can guess is that the atmosphere at the central working committee must have been at boiling point. Now, he must wait for the dreaded letter from the administrators of MIC, signed by Sam. How do you fight a King, and doing so is pure treason.

Talking of Kings reminds me of a Tamil film ‘Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulligesi’, Samy Vellu has out-classed the comedian Vadivelu, when he said, ‘dia punya hal, dia punya pasal’. That’s how Kings talk. Jumbo Maniam’s sacking is Nijhar’s hal, not the Kings, or for that matter his kingdom, Nijhar ‘cari pasal’.

One surely appreciates how the Kingdom of MIC operates, all Ministers in that kingdom must prostrate before the King Samy, and anyone not doing so, for a start, will be admonished in Bahasa Melayu, then followed by that letter – not sure of the language it is couched in.

KUALA LUMPUR: The MIC central working committee meeting yesterday was a stormy affair when party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and vice-president Tan Sri K.S. Nijhar were involved in a heated row.

As reporters waited outside the meeting room at the MIC headquarters, the doors flung open and a visibly upset Nijhar stormed out, slamming the door behind him.
He was overheard shouting: “I never knew you to be such a cruel man. How can you simply sack a man?”
Nijhar walked away in a huff, refusing to answer questions from reporters.
At a press conference immediately after the row, Samy Vellu was asked about Nijhar’s outburst.

The party president simply replied: “That’s his problem (dia punya hal, dia punya pasal). This is a party where people have the right to argue and discuss.”
It was later learnt that Nijhar was upset with the expulsion of former Kapar division chairman S. Subramaniam, better known as Jumbo Maniam.
Subramaniam later confirmed he had been expelled, but told the New Straits Times he did not know the real reason for his sacking. He suspected it was because of his statement in the Tamil daily Malaysian Nanban where he had questioned the accounts of the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (Aimst) University.
“First, I was asked to explain why I questioned the accounts. Then I received a letter from the MIC headquarters yesterday informing me that I had been sacked from the party,” he said.
At the press conference, Samy Vellu also spoke on the rebranding of the party where he said the MIC had come up with a new tagline “A New Generation Party” but would maintain its theme “MIC Cares”.
Among the changes that it will bring under the rebranding exercise are a new logo, a new party song and new uniforms for the women, youth and puteri wings.
Samy Vellu said they would also ensure that 50 per cent of MIC members comprised youth.
Other changes include the establishment of a call centre that will be manned by two or three university graduates and launching of the MIC portal which will replace the previous website.
He said the re-branding exercise was necessary as the party needed a new approach to serve the community.
“If we do not keep up with the times, we may become irrelevant,” he said, adding that these changes would be presented at the MIC’s 62nd general assembly in July.
Asked about the leadership, Samy Vellu said: “We are re-branding the party now and the party will know when to rebrand the leadership.”
On a another matter, Samy Vellu was asked if he was approached by Pakatan Rakyat to switch sides.
Initially he did not want to comment but when pressed further, the veteran politician said: “MIC will be with Barisan Nasional through thick and thin and has no intention to go anywhere.”

The New Straits Times Online…..


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