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Trying to run a family with just RM 1500 and one wife is a nightmare for residents of Kuala Lumpur. I suppose it is no better elsewhere. But then we are talking of women from Terengganu, hard working and earning money to upkeep the family. Can you beat it, he has 18 children. If he had been prolific as this with a business, I am sure he would be a millionaire many times over. But here again I am reminded you don’t expect to be paid for eating sugar cane – do I hear anyone saying where is the sugar cane orchard.

KUALA TERENGGANU: Odd-job worker Mohamed Nor Awang is not only planning to take a fourth wife 16 years younger than him but has received the blessings of his other wives.

Mohamed Nor, 51, had earlier told Syariah High Court judge Sheikh Ahmad Ismail Hakim that he was capable of supporting a fourth wife and would be fair to all his wives.

The court was not convinced and asked Mohamed Nor to submit an additional affidavit to back his claims.

It was reluctant to grant the father of 18 children permission to take another wife when he earned about RM1,500 a month.

Happy man: Mohamed Nor leading his wives Kalthum, Wan Rukiah and Noraini out of the Kuala Terengganu Syariah High Court yesterday. The court will decide on Sunday his application to take a fourth wife.

However, Mohamed Nor’s three wives – Wan Rukiah Mat Yusof, 52, Kalthum Dollah, 39 and Noraini Daud, 40 – asked the court to allow their husband to take a fourth wife.

During the court proceeding, Sheik Ahmad jestingly asked Mohamed Nor to reveal his secret.

To this Mohamed Nor replied: “I don’t have any secret but I believe I have been fair to all of them”.

Sheikh Ahmad also asked Mohamed Nor to prove through his bank account that he was financially able to support a fourth wife and to bring his prospective bride, Suzi Sulong, 35, together with a “wali” (man who gives away the bride) and the court would decide on his request this Sunday.

First wife Wan Rukiah said she had conceded to her husband taking two wives and had no qualms allowing him to take another.

“Go ahead, I have no problems,” she said.

Third wife Noraini agrees because she does want to see her husband register his fouth marriage in Thailand.

“We all could live blissfully under one roof,” she added.

Go on and marry No. 4, say wives of odd-job worker

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