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I have been always fascinated by statements from our leaders in government, when they say, the people are happy, the people are satisfied, the people understand, the people love, we are following the needs of the people and so forth. I thought there is a secret mechanism that Government has, which at the press of a button tells you, so many people are with this, so many people oppose this and so many people are undecided. Something like a poll, that gives answers.

Najib says people are happy with the National Service programme. I am so sad to conclude that he does not read Malaysiakini, nor the blogs. I don’t know whether this has got to do something with his selective reading list, but unfortunately I read Malaysiakini and blogs and it gives me a different ‘perception’.

Apparently Najib is just busy not to read Malaysiakini nor the blogs but surely someone in his Ministry can do this and pass on a summary, and embarrassing statements like this can be avoided.

On the issue of National Service, Najib said the Government would continue with the programme as it promoted unity although there were accidents and death cases

He said since the programme started in 2004, there had been 16 death cases, of which 11 trainees died in their camps.

“The people are very happy with the programme despite the death cases. Their response is proven in the increased number of voluntary trainees from 929 last year to 1,137 this year,” said Najib.

I never met or knew Altantuya, Najib tells Parliament

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  1. Aiyoh…that guy where got time to read all this malaysiakini stuff. He only reads from malaysia today lah. That itself, he has his hands full now, especially from that Petra guy. And dodging All Tantuya bullets from the press people.
    Fuiyoh,…mau berak pun tak da masa lah.

  2. Neither I want to defend Najib nor we (me and Najib) have anything in common, but going by whatever u said, mr blog owner, i think he’s smarter than u.

    atleast he comes up with NS for the purpose of racial integration. for all your bashing on him, whats your idea on improving our race understanding towards each other?

    nothing. nada. and still you have the ‘face’ to bash him? look at yourself. pity is it?

    atleast Najib comes up with an idea to curb racial problems in our country. Whether NS is a good thing or not, it still not your verdict that counts. but honestly, i dont agree with NS either. so we (me and mr blogger) have something to share with, but thats where the similarity ends i guess.

    I am more on the concept of Sekolah Wawasan which should gather our kids together and they learn about each other since that young age.

    well. thats my idea. Najib got an idea. and you? yillek.

    ps1- u know where to find me la.

    ps2 – Deaths are something you can’t control. I do understand the horror of parents sending their healthy children, and some of them have to collect the them (the children) dead. But, it is again, not something you can control. Its just their fate. Yes, easy to say, again. I suggest a tighter medical check ups to avoid such incidents to happen again. Are you with me mr blog owner? No u dont, do you? you just want those NS gone, right? damn i hate it if i am right!

  3. If one of the 16 who died is DPM’s child, then its one too many. There is a saying, ‘other people’s child cannot finish dying’ because if 100 died it’s only 50 pairs, and its no skin of my nose.

    “People are very happy with the programme…” give us a choice to attend or not to attend then lets see the result. Who is the people here?? The few who made their fortunes?? Right now you are forcing the kids to attend on fear of court proceedings or revoking of citizenship.. all threats.

  4. Yes, agree.

    May I post an extract of your post and publish in my website and direct my readers to read your full post.

    fyi, we publish selected blog posts of the day to help give multi perspective viewpoints to our readers.

    Thank you.

  5. Najib dont read but is secretary will read for him.
    Whether he listen is already answered -still on denial mode.

    Raj Raman666.The demon999 loking for the morons to be responsible.

  6. No problem.

  7. Hi surferboon

    Death of a young is always a tragedy. Though this may not be avoided, but if such deaths, result from negligence, people complain.

    What is required is a re-appraisal of the programme, rather than flogging the dead horse.

  8. Hi drMpower

    It is a matter of personal opinion, if the short period does encourage racial integration. The idea behind the programme may be good, but if deaths occur, 16 or 17 so far, the parents get perturbed. The ire is over deaths and not the NS programme itself.
    Sekolah Wawasan could be the preferred mode, giving more time for the children to integrate, and this was the system in the days gone by, though the schools were not called wawasan schools then.
    The grouse is against deaths not the whole NS.

  9. DrMpower,

    Wow, the national service program can really works wonders with racial integration on just a 3 months basis (compared to 12-13 formal years of schooling).

    Hey, maybe we should enact a law that requires “ALL MALAYSIANS” to go for this 3 months service. Since it’s Malaysia Boleh, we can also request our Ministers to promote it during UN, OPEC, ASEAN group meetings – i.e. for these countries to follow our steps

  10. hi all..
    i dun to talk english well.better i talk malays..if u all can understand lah.

    perkara yang paling penting sekali..saya menyokong NS..kerana pada saya NS boleh membuat golongan muda bergaul tanpa mengira kaum..ya..sayu tahu..saya pun ada anak juga..saya pu takut kalau anak saya kemalangan di NS..tapi..cuba kita lihat kemalangan di jalanraya melibatkan anak muda??berapa %?? kita cuma mengandaikan NS menyebabkan kematian..bagaimana kalau NS menyelamat kan anak kita??memberi ilmu kepada anak kita..(cuba buat kajian 6 bulan kemalangan/kematian)

    bukan sokong tapi fikir yang terbaik tanpa negatif thinks abaout the party who do it..

  11. You cannot trust governmental rhetoric no matter where you live.

    Even in countries with such a squeaky-clean reputation as Canada (where I am), the majority of what you get from parliamentarians is rhetoric, designed in some way to manipulate.

    Of course in Malaysia, as in other countries with large numbers of religious people (India, the United States, etc.), then there is an added dimension of using religion (in the case Malaysia of course Islam) as a tool to gain approval (the one thing that Bush and Saddam had in common in fact). Politics is politics no matter where you are, whether you have democracy, partial democracy, or dictatorship.

    The Adsense Strategist

  12. Saudara Ibrahim Ahmad,

    Saya tidak membantah maksud NS ini, memang program ini memberi peluang kepada anak-anak kita bergaul walaupun tempuh 3 bulan itu terhad. Apa yang dibangitkan ialah kematian anak-anak muda ini, khas-nya sekiranya kematian itu berpunca dari kecuian Penjaga NS.

    Kematian tidak boleh dielakan, tetapi soalan kecuian ialah perkara yang boleh dielakan.

  13. NS for racial integration? I say lead by example. Integrate your own party first, then amongst the Malays, before we can talk about racial integration.

    Ideas come up easy… but turning ideas into reality is what separates the real leaders from the hypocrites.

  14. blog owner,

    yeah, maybe you have a point there which I completely missed. now i know you are NOT AGAINST NS, which is a good refershing confession. but since you mention Malaysiakini, I do read them on daily basis and all i can say, those commenters+people posting articles are gunning for NS to be scrap all together.

    and yes, we have something to share on sekolah wawasan, but the truth is, that also may not be materialised because some people wanted to keep their generation ‘pure’ and not ‘tainted’. so, they opt for their own run school.


    i’ve said ealier that 3 months stint is not viable to curb any differences in race understanding, since those youngsters were already blended with wrong perceptions for the past 17-18 years. and maybe your ALL MALAYSIANS SHOULD ATTEND NS is something we can look into.

    ps- i watched (on National Geo series) that special private organised camp by some groups in China which I believe the ‘torture’ is very much more than our NS. girls, boys cried but the trainers are having none of them. they have to walk for kilometres etc. etc. But they do it in the right way and so far, i have not heard any death whatsoever. maybe we can try to copy that too,

  15. He treats people like idiots and fools, which is not far wrong coz 99% of Malaysians dun read anything at all. Including him. He only sits on the fence off and on without his balls

  16. Max,
    You like NS and you think it is good for racial intergration. Despite all the negative incidents like rape, corruption camps, terror trainers, lack of councillors and death, and you still think it is good.

    Do you know that it cost hundreds of millions (up till now) and tens of millions each year…..just for racial intergration? Might as well save the money and spend a fraction of it to improve racial intergration in school.

    I only believe in one thing. If you want to do a job, then do a good job. If you don’t know how to do it well, THEN DON’T DO IT AT ALL! Learn and practice until you are ready to run a programme like this.

    Anything that incur death must be scrutinise inside out. And here, it’s not one BUT SIXTEEN DEATHS. This programme should have been stopped by now, re-check and must go through a complete overhaul.

    Once they have identified and taken care of the matter, only then can they do a re-launch. Even if they have to take 10 years to improve the system, then by all means, then the 10 years to overcome it. Only by then I may look at NS differently. Death is no childs play. I will not condone, even if it is only ONE death.

  17. seriously, the government should take an initiative to really, i mean REALLY understand their citizens. i was one of the NS participants. i was from the 1st year, 2nd batch to Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. from my own experience and observation, there isn’t really any racial integration. the malays still stick with the malays, the chinese with the chinses, and the indians with the indians. no integration, okay. the commercials on the tv is such a fake. i’m so against this NS program. it doesn’t work. he objectives are not achieved. and, the government are wasting too much money on this program.

  18. Statistics are fun.

    Did you know that our National Service is only about 46 times less deadly than the Iraq War?

  19. i am neither a BN guy nor am I a PR guy. But I do believe that the NS programme is good. Hell they should make it tougher. It seems that these days our kids are too damn pampered. Have to work hard a bit, cry. Walk an extra mile, cry. They should learn that life is hard and it is not bed of roses. You have to fight and struggle to succeed, no one is gonna give you a free lunch.

    The death at the camp is most unfortunate, and the existing process for identifying and treating a person that is ill should be reviewed. But dont put the blame on a programme that so far has been designed to promote integration and hard work.

    That is what our kids need, a good kick in the ass to realize that if you dont work hard our country will fall.

  20. The starting point of NS was/is good, and although I wasn’t chosen to go for the service (something I regard with equal measures of regret and thankfulness, if only because the timing of the programme would interfere with my studies), I’m all for it. Enjoyable experiences by friends aside, I think the components – the physical one, especially – in the programme will make for an interesting and refreshing 3months for 18yearolds.

    As with all new projects, there are bound to be glitches. However, 5-6 years on (not to mention the year or two spent drafting before it was put into practice) should be more than enough time to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place against such misfortunes happening.

    The onus is on the government to ensure that these “bakal tiang negara” do not fall prey to mere negligence in carrying out safety checks.

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